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March 29th

posted Apr 15, 2013 02:44:17 by TaigiaReilly
This weeks meeting was a bit of a strange one. Our captain was on shore leave so we assembled with our ambassador, Stephen and his aide, Jason. The only members from our usual suspects were Lt.(jg) Tim Bordelon and Ensign Micheal Kanarski.

This week the menu consisted of pasta and beef in tomato sauce with a red velvet cake and finally root beer floats.
*Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the horrible naming of the vessels on this round of adventures and was out voted at every turn. It pains me to commit them to record but that is one of my duties to both my crew and those who read and enjoy our adventures.

Once we were set up and our bellies were full we set out on the Yaoimobile, a warp driven Light Cruiser.
Ambassador Stephen had the captains chair. Lt. Tim manned weapons. Ensign Micheal piloted the ship. Jason was chief engineer. Cmdr. Will double teamed Science and Comms.

The mission was very text book due to the strong leader ship of Ambassador Stephen. The only note worthy things were Lt. Tim's regularity at weapons and Ensign Michael's difficulty driving the ship. Leading to an incident where in the ship took damage from one of it's own deployed mines.

The second mission of the tour had us changing from our previous ship into the warp driven Missile Cruiser, Duck Hunt Dog.
Lt. Tim was handed the Captain spot to give it a try. Ensign Michael was controlling the science and comms consoles. Ambassador Stephen took weapons. Cmdr. Will had the helm. Jason stayed as Chief Engineer.

For this mission our Captain issued a standing order. Only mines were to be used. Our mission started with DS3 being attacked. We tried to intercept and defend the besieged station but with only mines filling the Duck Hunt Dog's four torpedo tubes we were ill equipped to save it and eventually it was lost to a Torgoth fleet. While going to avenge the fallen station we picked up an anomaly and used the energy boost to close in at warp 4. Our bombing run of the Torgoth was successful but left our stores of mines drained with several failing to find their mark.
With this we had to rearm at DS2. With our stores of mines replenished we went back into the void and indiscriminately mined enemy fleet after enemy fleet. On our way to DS4 for what would be the final rearming of this mission we collected one more anomaly. Our finally attack was a hard one. Many Torgoth, Arvonian, and Kralien ships stood in the Duck Hunt Dog's way. But our ship barreled through, taking damage but dealing it back as nuclear tipped mines. When the radioactive gas cloud that was once the enemy task force thinned it was clear that none who stood before us were left. We were victorious.

At this point Jason had to leave to attend other duties so it was decided by the Ambassador that one more mission would be under taken but this time it would be a solo mission. Each of us was given our on ship to command on our own to the best of our abilities.
Cmdr. Will took the UES Scratch, a warp driven Missile Boat. Lt. Tim commanded the UES It's Fucking Nothing, a jump capable Dreadnought. Ensign Michael decided on the UES Hot and Horny, a warping Battleship. Finally, Ambassador Stephen solo'd the USS Fireshit.

The mission started off with a blast. Tim successfully got to sector A3 and destroyed an Arvonian carrier fleet all by himself. While this was going on, the Fireshit's systems went down while going in reverse. Stephen rebooted the consoles and followed up by nuking an enemy fleet just before they destroyed him.
Michael and Will successfully defended a group of space stations from Skaarans but Michael was destroyed by friendly fire when he did an attack run on two Skaarans that had already had a pair of nukes fired at them from the Scratch.
With Michael gone, Tim and Stephen had advanced too far to find enemies. This left one remaining Arvonian/Kralien fleet closing in on a friendly space station. The Scratch intercepted and destroyed them with a barrage of ECMs and Nukes.

With this our fighting was over for now and we retired for the night.

Hopefully you enjoy reading this report and will comment. Thank you and have a nice day.
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TaigiaReilly said Apr 15, 2013 03:03:20

Cmdr. Will's console and his mascot.

Lt. Tim Bordelon, Jason, Ensign Michael Kanarski, Ambassador Stephen Torrence

Cmdr. William Feil, Lt. Tim Bordelon, Ambassador Stephen Torrance, Ensign Michael Kanarski
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