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Larger Maps?

posted Apr 15, 2013 16:04:59 by ChrisLewis
I just started playing this game yesterday, as I was introduced at a recent lan party; so please forgive me if there is an answer to this already somewhere, i looked but could not find it.

Is there any way for larger maps on this game? Or even better to go from one sector to another. For example if I fly off the edge of A1 i might show up in A5 of another sector? Making it a completely new sector setup, with new possible missions, enemies, etc?

A rough ASCII drawing as example:
| 1 sector | 2 sector | 3 sector |
| 4 sector | 5 sector | 6 sector |
| 7 sector | 8 sector | 9 sector |

You would start the game in sector 5 but flying off the East edge would take you into sector 6. Now for ease of programming you would have a new set of DS stations here still labeled ds1-4. But all new terrain, enemies, etc.
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MarkBell said Apr 15, 2013 17:09:06
ATM, this is not supported in the game directly. You can certainly create a similar experience in a mission, and there are several examples, where when you reach the edge, it destroys the old sector map, creates a new one, and places the player ship appropriately.
ChrisLewis said Apr 15, 2013 17:43:40
Similar experience in missions how?

The second option sounds very interesting for some kind of "free play".
MarkBell said Apr 15, 2013 17:46:25
Ah, sorry, similar to your multiple sector approach. There is no way to directly increase the size of the play map.

If you were really interested, you could change some values in the vessel_data.xml and artemis.ini files - adjust the art scale to be smaller, slow down the ships, change the weapon ranges and zoom in the camera - that would create a similar sense of relative scale while effectively doubling the map size.
xavierwise.tsn said Apr 15, 2013 18:27:57
This has been a topic that has been discussed, developed and implemented in a couple of missions. I wrote a mission in which you had to travel to another sector, complete a mission and then return. I am currently in the process of writing a second mission in which you must transit from one sector to another, then jump to a third and fight through it to reach a fourth. I used one way of getting from one sector to another intially; a system called Gateways (think wormholes) that you enter and transport you to a new sector. Now I am looking at using a second system along side it by using "Nav Points". These link two sectors side by side, you transit from one to another by flying between the Nav Points located at the edge of the sector.

My first mission, Cronus Patrol, is available to download from the Mission Control Website, or directly from my Google Drive here.
lucas99801 said Apr 18, 2013 01:48:45
I actually have a mission template similar to your ASCII drawing, however, instead of 9 sectors it spans 25 in a 5x5 grid.

And as mentioned above in Marks first reply it would need to make use of the create/destroy methods. I've worked with Xavier on many missions and talked in depth about the possible transtitions and the warp points and sector traversing is honestly fantastically easy in theory. But it does take quite a bit of effort to code it.

If you're interested in developing a mission of this sort, or would like me to whip something up for you feel free to contact me! I'm always up for some mission scripting (you have to provide any backstory though, I'm not a writer, just a programmer).

And quite honestly, it's easier without the story. Just making a FFA/Siege is fantastic in itself!
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Mike_Substelny said Apr 18, 2013 16:15:47
You can look at my old mission "Truce or Consequences" for an example of mission that does this. It was a great mission, in which Artemis must pursue a renegade Skaraan who has kidnapped an Arvonian Princess in a desperate chase across numerous sectors.

Unfortunately both "Truce or Consequences" and "The Pegasus Passage" relied heavily on the Direct block, and Artemis 1.60 did away with that block. It will take a lot of hours of coding to make them work again.
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TaigiaReilly said Apr 18, 2013 21:07:37
But you know we'll love you for it.
TreChipman said Apr 19, 2013 17:36:20
I have a fairly ambitious (but unfortunately unfinished) 20+ sector map here. I haven't tested it in 1.702 yet, but the core principles should work.
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