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Interface Enhancement - Controller and Intercom

posted Apr 15, 2013 08:06:18 by tieguyny
Hello again everybody. As I mentioned elsewhere, I have been working on adding some controllers to my bridge to supplement the controls for Helm and Engineering. The touchscreens are great, but there are some things that just feel better with physical buttons, and in the case of Engineering, it is impossible to make power/coolant presets without some kind of external device. So, I present to you my solution below. They match the consoles perfectly, and we used them during our first tournament event yesterday and they were a big success. The only hiccup is a bug in Artemis that causes the hotkeys for selecting systems in Engineering to randomly skip systems, and the coolant levels to randomly fluctuate when you use their hotkeys. I've confirmed this bug with both my controllers AND a keyboard, but Thom already knows about it and has said he'll look into it. Of course, you can always set the power levels with the touchscreen, so it didn't affect the tournament matches.

I also added an intercom system, which makes it easier for crews to communicate in noisy rooms, not to mention you feel super cool wearing them.

Here's a couple pics of the whole set up. You can see how the buttons are mapped on my "Official Rules" page on the website.!rules/cpul

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Cmdr.Brandr said Apr 18, 2013 04:13:13
Nice. I like the intercom idea. Be great for being in the main room of a con. How did you set that up? Mumble?
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tieguyny said Apr 18, 2013 10:25:48
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