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UK Players; Are you out there? Where?!

posted Apr 11, 2013 13:32:40 by xavierwise.tsn
Are there any UK players out there? I mainly play online and have met a couple of people who played, but am not aware of any regular UK players or groups. I want to know if there are many players in the UK, if there are any regular UK groups meeting and playing, as well as where players are generally located.

I myself am near Leeds. I play online regularly and run the online TSN RP community.
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maxtorps said Apr 13, 2013 16:54:27
I've just got Artemis in the last couple of weeks or so and I'm loving it! Since Star Trek TOS and throughout the many iterations I've always wondered why a bridge simulator was never done, or at least done this well. Thankfully Thom wrote this and he's made me a very happy man.

With DMX lighting, a smoke machine and Artemis arm bands as a nod to uniform, I'm arranging a bunch of folk I know to play it at my house in Derby on the 20th April and the 11th May where I hope it will be a big hit. I do like the idea of firing up a regular event however I have a fairly limited amount of free time to devote to it and have to juggle kids/family/work. On saying that, give them a couple of years and I'll have two semi-permanent crew members...
GaryCrawford said Apr 13, 2013 18:02:55
Have been trying the game out with a couple of friends...

Am looking to expand our group and work on DMX.

Am based in gold ole Nottingham...

Maxtorps, maybe would could arrange a VPN hookup and have two ships in the fleet :)
maxtorps said Apr 13, 2013 18:12:05
Mr Crawford, I do believe we know one another from many moons ago at PCSC...a two ship fleet sounds like a grand idea. :)
GaryCrawford said Apr 13, 2013 18:23:28
And my world continues to get smaller!

Scary stuff. PCSC continues to follow me everywhere.

I can't work out who you are from your pictures, so give me a helping hand :)
maxtorps said Apr 13, 2013 18:38:44
I've sent you a PM via Facebook. Hopefully more people will respond to this thread as it's showing some promise!
GaryCrawford said Apr 13, 2013 19:22:09
Agreed. It's an opportunity for Star Trek fans to geek out and enjoy old School social LAN party.

We have only played with four players so far, but that command staff will be growing
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GaryCrawford said Apr 14, 2013 18:28:02
Hey Maxtorps I didn't get the pm. You can use my email address that's on facebook
maxtorps said Apr 17, 2013 21:49:16
Righto, so after some comms it seems we will be having some games soon. To echo Xavier, any others out there?
ComradeUri said Jun 06, 2013 07:41:00
Got it last night for my tablet (to poor to get a comp but somehow wrangled a galaxy note 10.1) I'm in south, Basingstoke. Had a fly round but couldn't do much. Want to play this a full crew
GaryCrawford said Jun 06, 2013 10:01:19
You will love it. Nothing like ordering your friends around.

We have a five man game due Friday night. This is the first time using DMX. We have a six light rig (overkill I think :D) and possibly a smoke machine and strobe for battle damage.

All PC based though with tablets on stand by

And the creme de la creme ambient bridge sounds from Star Trek running on a loop...

LARP at its best
JSpaced said Jun 16, 2013 16:57:00
We're an Essex-based group in the Colchester area. We meet semi-regularly and so far have played the TNG mods exclusively.
I'm piloting (geddit) a mix Artemis/ roleplaying night where I'll be giving the crew a chance to play a landing party in a steadily expanding mission I'm in the process of writing.
The only problem with writing the missions is you don't get to be Captain without faking surprise.
"Romulans? Here?"
We meet Friday nights at a friends house about once a month.

Like MaxTorps I juggle family and work too, but Artemis just so much fun!

"We should give him the send-off he deserves. He died saving us all. Prepare a Rocket-Shed for immediate launch."
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