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$4.99 iOS Wireless Captain's Control Panel (No soldering required)

posted Apr 09, 2013 07:38:14 by badgeguy
Inspired by the Captain's Control Panel for the front view screen discussion, I have found an application for WiFi enabled iOS based devices that allows for exactly the desired result. Hippo Remote Pro ( allows for remote control of another computer through WiFi, and the creation of custom touch screens for keyboard and macro controls. I have already created the below represented profile and am making it available for download (

Installing the thin Hippo VNC client on the Helm or Weapons workstation allows for Hippo Remote to connect and transmit the keyboard shortcuts as if the crew member sitting there were pressing the keys themselves, without interfering with the rest of the workings of the station.

To install this at this time will require a free Dropbox account. No referral links here, just go to Dropbox and sign up if you don't have one. Once you have created the Dropbox account and attached Hippo Remote to it through the configure menu (see the blue gear icon in the upper left of the app), you are ready to install the profile.

Currently, installing an unknown profile often causes the application to choke on the parsing of the files. I have found a method that gets around this:

In the Profiles list, click on the action icon in the upper right corner and choose "Add Profiles".
Click on "All Profiles" at the top, then scroll down to "Windows 7" and install it. It will automatically be copied to your Dropbox account as well.

Once again, click on the action icon and this time choose "Modify", them tap on "Windows 7". At the top on the screen, tap on "Basic Editor". Change the name from "Windows 7" to "Artemis", then click "Done" at the left top of the screen, then "Done" at the right top of the screen.

You are now back in the Profiles list. Pull down on the list to refresh and sync the modified files with the Dropbox.

At this point, replace the entire "Artemis" directory in your Dropbox with the files in the zip file listed above. Once they have been updated through Dropbox, back on the iOS device, refresh the Profiles list again by dragging the list down on the screen. At this point, it should update about 16 files. It should now have the Artemis logo. Once that is completed, you are ready to use the profile by just tapping on it.

As long as you have the iPhone or iPod Touch already, it will only cost the price of the app.

Be aware though, this app seems to suck the battery dry rapidly. This may just be an issue with this version that can be fixed in an update.

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2 replies
michael said Apr 11, 2013 18:13:40
Complicated, but useful. Just plug that sucker in and fix it to the chair. lol
badgeguy said Apr 11, 2013 18:36:10
I received a response from the developers and they are aware of the syncing issue as well as the battery issue and are working on both. This may become as simple as installing the program and then downloading the profile from their website, if they get it working soon and allow me to post this custom profile to their submitted profiles section.
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