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March 23th

posted Apr 07, 2013 09:02:46 by TaigiaReilly
It came time again for the weekly gathering of my crew in the home of our Captain and as always we had a meal to go with our flight.

Our crew was smaller then usual with Captain Jim Grindrod, Commander William Feil, and Lieutenant Larry 'Chiquita' Arellano as the only members to show up.

Our first mission was aboard a Dreadnought, The UES Molestia.
Will had command of the over all mission as well as engineering. Larry was Helm. Jim was pulling triple duty as Comms, Science, Weapons.
We started the mission happily watching enemies fly into some mines. With our ECMs and beam weapons we shot down disabled the shields of several ships before finishing them off with homing torpedoes from our three tubes. We repeated this strategy again and again until the sector had been cleared of all non-friendlies.

Mission two. For this mission we switched vessels to a warp Battleship, The UES Muffins.
This time instead of our standard practice of fighting waves of enemies we elected to do a mission. The mission we chose was "The End of Peace".
Jim captained us through this mission as well as piloted the ship. Will had the weapons and comm. Larry was on engineering and science.
We completed this mission with our usual skill. There was nothing much memorable that happened. Our warp driven Muffins flew to and fro in the sector. Firing ECMs at enemy ships when they were in range before moving in to finish up with the four main beam weapons.

After the ease at with we accomplished the mission we decided to do it again but with a Scout, The UES Dashie. It was almost a repeat of the previous success but with fewer torpedoes fired. We did have a moment where our engines went haywire just as the mission completed, sending us rocketing into the deepest regions of space a full warp but we were able to make it back to a station in time to do another mission.

For this once more tried "The End of Peace" but with a warp Missile Cruiser, the UES Twinkies. Unlike before, though, we decided to play on level 11 to see if it made any different. It didn't. Our enemies fell to our mighty nuclear bombardment.

For our final deployment of the evening we chose a different mission, The Waning Dark. For this we all had the stations we'd been using: Capt. Jim in command and on helm. Cmrd. William handling the weapons and communications. Finally, Lt. Larry Arellano was our chief engineer and science officer.
Not sure what we'd fine but not wanting an easy time of it we had the Twinkies refitted completely into a Scout ship. With the refit complete we set off on our mission with the bossiest, most annoying scientist of all time. The Doctor, his name forgotten due to hatred for him, wanted us to maneuver through three nebula to take sensor readings. We followed our mission to the letter but the nebulas played hell on our systems. We found out scout stripped of shields, power to engines, maneuverability, and failures across the board. Chief Chiquita kept our ship in working condition even when we ran into some Kraliens who were in the nebula with us when our shields failed.
We used our mines to destroy the lead ship before finishing off the weakened remaining ships with our energy weapon. After that we continued our exploration efforts before running into even more Kraliens. With very little left to use we were forced to return to space station and dock to rearm. Once our mines and everything else were replenished we reengaged the Kraliens, destroying them with a mix of a mine for the lead ship, ECM, energy weapon, and torpedoes for the survivors.

With that we ended our journeys for now.
Here we stand victorious:

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TaigiaReilly said Apr 08, 2013 06:22:28

Cmdr. William Feil, Lt. Larry "Chiquita" Arellano, Capt. Jim Grindrod
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