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Android version timetable?

posted Apr 07, 2013 00:13:19 by RyanWelsh
I've been away from the forums for a while, and due to scheduling conflicts with my crew haven't been able to have a game night for over a month. Sad face, that.

But I've got one organized for the 20th! It looks like the beta is closed at the moment. Just wondering if there's any rough idea when we might find it in the Play store?

(I'm trying to stretegerize whether I can serve it off my Android stick and free another PC, or if I need to stick with running it off of one of my PC's and find another device for a station.)

Translation: I'm friggin excited for the official Android version. :-)
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tsaimaster said Apr 14, 2013 18:19:01
So I was wondering the same thing. Just tried Artemis for the first time last night and HOLY CRAP! I think it's one of the greatest things ever.

I don't know if this is kosher, but check this out:

It's a client app for Android tablets (it works well for the Galaxy Nexus, methinks) and might be worth a shot. It also made me contemplate purchasing a tablet computer.

If and when an official Android app comes out, I'll certainly buy it. :-)


Edit: GAH. Did more digging (I' a dumbass). I'm guessing testing began earlier this month. Right on. Just take my damn money, please.

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