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Gamestorm Weekend

posted Apr 06, 2013 18:39:34 by BenjaminVenable
A couple weeks ago (3/23 & 3/24) I had an opportunity to introduce some new players to Artemis at the Gamestorm game convention in Vancouver, WA ( Although this is primarily a tabletop games con, there was a room w/ about 8 computers (and room for folks that brought their own) and a projector. The room is usually just "open LAN gaming" through the weekend, but they kicked everyone out for 2 hours on Sat (and again on Sun) so we could run Artemis.

We had the room from 5p-7p on Sat, and I started with 5 fresh-faced newbie cadets. We walked through the controls on Level 1, played "for realsies" on Level 3, and died on Level 5. By the end of the 2-hour window, we were running 2 ships, and when we finished at 7.15p, there was applause!

Here's the best part: when I stopped back by the room at 9p, all 8 machines were still running Artemis, but I only recognized one of the players. For 2 hours after our "official" session, people left but were replaced, and trained up by their neighbors, and played on. I found out the next day that they had to kick out the Artemis players when they closed the room at midnight.

Just thought you'd like to know: it was a big hit. We had a good turnout on Sun as well; a dad and his 3 sons brought their iDevices (they had played before) and ran a family ship alongside my new crew of newbs, and by the end of the 2-hour window, we had 3 ships running.

Thanks again for creating this awesome game! :)

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TaigiaReilly said Apr 08, 2013 06:24:04
Good. Good. Let the Artemis flow through the new players.
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