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New Touchscreen Consoles Available

posted Apr 04, 2013 09:22:17 by tieguyny
Hey everybody, I just finished the first production run of some new consoles I designed. Thought I'd share some pics of their first outing with you all. I know there are quite a few people out there who (like me) really wanted to have dedicated consoles designed to play Artemis, that featured touchscreens and were easy to set up to take to conventions and other events. I couldn't quite swing the trailer I designed (some of you may remember my Kickstarter campaign a few months ago) as far as the required investment, so instead I finally sat down and designed some affordable and capable consoles, and I'd like to make them available to the public and the Artemis community. There are a lot of individuals out there collecting components to build their own custom rigs, and I'm very interested to see what continues to come out of this community (someone is actually building a mobile bridge trailer now!) and I'll be continually refining my desings as well. But, if you're looking for a turn-key solution for your first bridge or to add a nice additional bridge to your set up, I'm ready and willing to produce more of these consoles immeadiately.

I'm using my rigs to organize Artemis tournaments here in California. You can check it out at

For my personal tastes I went with a glossy black finish and some nice thick illuminated numbers on top, but I could ship them to you painted in any color you wanted, or even unpainted. They are made from laser cut aluminum, and formed at a precision sheet metal shop here in Central California. I could do custom letters/numbers/designs if you have something specific in mind you'd like on the case. Feel free to contact me at if you'd like to know more.

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SigbiornSigmundarson said Apr 05, 2013 00:08:59
What are the specs for each machine?
Cmdr.Brandr said Apr 05, 2013 02:02:08
Those look nice. What are the shells made of? is that some kind of formed plastic?
Commander Brandr
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tieguyny said Apr 05, 2013 05:18:14
Hello again, good questions.

Here are the specs of each console:

- 64bit Windows 7 Operating system
- DX11 compatible AMD Video card (AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics, supports pixel shader 5.0)
- 2GB DDR3 RAM (can install up to 8GB)
- Two external USB 2.0 ports (more USB headers internally, in case you want to add anything)
- Wifi or wired LAN (I use all wireless networking personally, and it works great)
- Internal speakers
- 15" touchscreen monitor (monitors designed for public displays, so they'll withstand lots of use)
- Phisical dimensions 18"w x 13.5"h x 10"d
- Cases feature a locked rear door for access to the power-switch/internals, and I can get all the consoles keyed the same (so you only need one key to open all your consoles)

The case itself is made of laser cut aluminum.

If you have any more questions let me know.
Eric said Apr 05, 2013 21:52:25
Not that I have the cash, but how much per console?
tieguyny said Apr 06, 2013 05:18:00
Thanks, if you have a specific question about cost, the best thing is to contact me via email. I just want to make sure you get the right informatoin for what you're looking for.
SigbiornSigmundarson said Apr 06, 2013 19:51:59
So it's the ole' "If you have to ask, it's too much" is it? Lol
tieguyny said Apr 06, 2013 23:21:17
No no, its nothing like that. I will say that I've worked hard to put together the least expensive option available for anyone looking to purchase bridge equipment. I've posted my own private email address, and invited anyone interested to reach out to me. I've put myself out there as a community resource.

Because there is a certain level of customization possible with these consoles, and because I am offering to sell single consoles as well as a complete bridge or bridges to anyone interested, it is easier for me to respond to individuals instead of posting some kind of itemized list here on the forum. I designed these consoles to be quickly produced and readily available, while still using high quality components. But neither are they “mass produced”. It is very likely that I can offer a better price to someone purchasing multiple units because it is less expensive to purchase the components in greater quantities. I don't want to post any misleading information here, nor do I want to post some kind of high estimate in order to 'cover my bases' that wouldn't reflect the actual price. I don't mind communicating here, but I don't want to conduct business here in order to protect my own privacy and that of anyone interested in purchasing some equipment.

I hope you understand my reasons, and I'm just a guy who loves to design/build stuff, not some kind of big corporation. I built several prototypes, and I'm not shipping these things off to China, I'm building them myself. I take pride in my work, and would never send anything to anyone if I didn't have complete confidence they were going to absolutely love it. I've been to half a dozen places with my consoles already, and everyone who's seen them/played with them has been very impressed both by their looks and functionality. As a matter of fact, I've had people who've never even heard of Artemis show up at an event after only seeing one of my consoles, without even having to turning it on. So, I believe I have a quality product, and would love to see more people able to enjoy using them.

Again, feel free to contact me personally, and I'll be happy to answer any of your specific questions.
ErikBergman said Apr 06, 2013 23:27:00
How did you avoid the need for keyboards?
tieguyny said Apr 07, 2013 00:13:13
@ErikBergman I still carry a keyboard with me in order to quickly make any needed changes to IP addresses or connect to a network. I can (and have) used the on screen keyboard, but its just faster to plug in a USB keyboard. There are a couple of USB ports located on the right side, right at the front of the console. You can play Artemis without a keyboard and mouse if you have a touchscreen, and I believe the only thing you can't do without one is set engineering presets. I'm currently working on a custom controller to plug into the USB port on my engineering console to restore this function, and enable a little more precise tuning of the power levels than the touch interface allows. Of course, you can always play with a keyboard plugged in if you prefer :)
michael said Apr 12, 2013 23:28:35
They look great! I sent you an email about interest.
tieguyny said Apr 15, 2013 08:07:44
Hello again everybody. As I mentioned elsewhere, I have been working on adding some controllers to my bridge to supplement the controls for Helm and Engineering. The touchscreens are great, but there are some things that just feel better with physical buttons, and in the case of Engineering, it is impossible to make power/coolant presets without some kind of external device. So, I present to you my solution below. They matches the consoles perfectly, and we used them during our first tournament event yesterday and they were a big success. The only hiccup is a bug in Artemis that causes the hotkeys for selecting systems in Engineering to randomly skip systems, and the coolant levels to randomly fluctuate when you use their hotkeys. I've confirmed this bug with both my controllers AND a keyboard, but Thom already knows about it and has said he'll look into it. Of course, you can always set the power levels with the touchscreen, so it didn't affect the tournament matches.

I also added an intercom system, which makes it easier for crews to communicate in noisy rooms, not to mention you feel super cool wearing them.

Here's a couple pics of the whole set up. You can see how the buttons are mapped on my "Official Rules" page on the website.!rules/cpul

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