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Touch Screen Monitors?

posted Apr 01, 2013 17:24:56 by ErikBergman
Is Artemis compatible with touch screen monitors? I know I can use an iPad, I am asking about PCs. Thanks!
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toumaltheorca said Apr 01, 2013 19:39:16
Anything that can send mouse inputs to windows works fine. Artemis is perfectly playable with touch.
LawsonThompson said Apr 02, 2013 02:38:51
There's a setting in Artemis.ini to change the mouse pointer from an arrow to a small point; the look is more appropriate for a touch screen that way.

If you don't have touchscreens for every station, you may want to start with Comms or Science. Other stations have a lot of potentially "small targets" to tap!
JamesDunnem said Apr 02, 2013 22:43:23
At our office we appropriated a dozen or so of the Point of Sale terminals to serve as stations, as long as they weren't called upon to do anything graphically intensive they work great and look the part!

Posiflex KS-7700s, haven't looked for what they would cost retail.

The touch screen lends a great deal to immersion, but a keyboard is still essential for more complex tasks.
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LawsonThompson said Apr 03, 2013 04:02:14
Cool! I'm quite familiar with Posiflex gear. It's pretty solid--literally, because the entire back of the monitor is a massive aluminum heat sink.
ErikBergman said Apr 03, 2013 15:14:36
Great! What I am looking at doing is using a 27" touch screen monitor with an onscreen keyboard and the game running in windowed mode. Just have to figure out how to eliminate the windows look!
ErikBergman said Apr 03, 2013 19:05:22
Got it! Object desktop should be able to suit my needs, so I should be able to create an integrated look and feel of a one piece console.
TreChipman said Apr 22, 2013 16:37:43
Erik, you may also want to check out YHTK.
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Jim Johnson said Apr 24, 2013 03:31:39
I'm curious if that YHTK software can be configured for sliders as well as buttons.

I was interested in getting touchscreens before; however, seeing that LCARS display put me over the edge! <crashing sound of hammer hitting piggy bank>
ErikBergman said Apr 24, 2013 18:28:57
Thanks TreChipman! Me too, Jim.
JoeGreene said Apr 27, 2013 06:14:01
I am one of the lucky beta testers for Android. and saw this beauty at New Egg for $378:
ViewSonic VSD220. Android SmartDisplay (can be used as a Touchscreen Monitor or as a 22" Android tablet (no battery).

I rarley go overboard with expression and am not a fan of vernacular... Yet I must say OMG! SQUEE! Engnineering touchscreen 22". I will be buying more of these as I can afford them. It is stellar as Weapons, Engineering, Science. It is ok for Comms and passable for Helm.. I still like the joystick for helm, so would rather go PC+touchscreen monitor (which was only $80 less) and my keyboard layout for Weapons I still like better than the touchscreen (same for Comms) but since it can be on a PC as a monitor too, and I plan to be using these for running Artemis at conventions...I can only hope for a way to use mods/missions and custom config files on the Artemis version.. say maybe as files on the SSD cards...
MarkBell said Apr 29, 2013 18:18:53
You may want to hold off until the vsd240 is released (should be soon) - most reviews of the 220 report really underpowered performance, while the 240 is reported as much smoother.
JoeGreene said Apr 29, 2013 21:50:30
I experienced no performance issues in the course of 12 hours of testing the VSD220 with Artemis. And that included running up to for stations on it, switching back and forth, and even as a server. Some reviews, especially regarding 'under-performance' have, IMHO, a tendency to
be based upon overblown expectations for the cost/value. at only $80 more than the identical device witouth CPU and Android OS, it performed:
A. Better than my Galaxy S2.
B. Better than my $500 ASUS Transformer (which flat refused to run Artemis).
C. Maintains the ability to perform as a PC monitor with touchscreen.

To many people expect miracles for pennies.
MarkBell said Apr 29, 2013 22:14:29
Hey, awesome! I had been thinking of getting one for the same purposes, but had only heard about the 240 today. I figure it's probably worth noting that a beefier version is coming out soon, but if this one works, then that's awesome. Especially since this one will be cheaper. Having not used the monitor myself yet, all I've got are reviews that day it's a decent tablet with laggy touch response, brilliant video playback and low frame rate gaming (although that's probably on much more resource intensive games). But if it's good for Artemis, then it's game on! :)
MarkBell said Apr 30, 2013 13:35:57
Have you thought about getting one of the 19V capable external batteries as a battery pack for this thing (like this one)? It takes 19VDC and ~2 Amps, so the 26,000 mAh packs should run it for 2 hours on battery power (more than long enough to lug it to a new spot and plug it in without having to turn it off in between). I don't really see using this as a portable tablet that often, but it might be worth it.
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JoeGreene said Apr 30, 2013 21:56:29
No, but then I have sick disgusting plans involving 5 touch screen systems, 1 non touch screen system built into a Dalek casing which converts/folds open for use to resemble a Tardis Bridge. All cooled by a largish fan system with builting network hub allowing 3 additional wired network connections..
1 for a secondary hub to connect a second bridge.
1 for a GM Station.
1 for an Observers screen station.

I do not dream small.
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