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Artemis 2.0

posted Apr 01, 2013 16:20:35 by nesmitty
Perhaps this is a large divergence from where Artemis is heading, but I've always had a thing newtonian physics in my space combat games, and this brings me to my suggestion. One of, if not my favorite space sims was a little title called Independance War (I-War/IWAR). It featured 2 flight models, one being a "computer assisted" flight model, that provided an aerodynamic type flight model with a max speed (which could be over ridden with manual thruster manipulation), and a free flight newtonian physics flight model. And the two flight models could easily toggled at any time with no delay/cooldown.

The computer assisted flight model manipulated maneuvering thrusters (main engine, belly, dorsal, forward, port and starboard thrusters) together in a coordinated way to provide consistent speed, heading. This provided a more stable, predictable and easier handling.

Once turned off though, the thrusters would all be handled independently by the pilot allowing for advanced maneuvering where the velocity heading in combat could be radically different than the heading of the craft which opens up a plethora of tactical options

Now this was of course a single player game but has many elements that would really spice up artemis.
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toumaltheorca said Apr 01, 2013 19:31:50
Ah yes, "newtonian physics mode" in the game "Tachyon the Fringe" did something similar. It would be a rather big departure though. I'm not sure if that alone would spice up games a lot. At least not unless there's more articulated collision damage ;)

I just had another idea though: What if there was a (basic but functional) fighter simulation in the game? People could connect to a game as "fighter pilots", and they would essentially have a 3d space fighter sim. Starshatter did something similar, you could actually have people control huge starships as well as small fighter craft that were launched from said starships. But here this could be a much bigger thing, imagine you have your bridge crew, and then half a dozen people flying as fighter pilots, defending your ship, and of course they'd have to be launched by the starship crew. You'd have to let them dock before warping away so their major transportation mode would be on board the main vessel, to further teamwork and not turn this into a simple space shooter ;)
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TaigiaReilly said Apr 01, 2013 20:36:56
I can't tell if your serious or just April fools.
toumaltheorca said Apr 01, 2013 22:50:27
I am actually serious o.O
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