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My version of the Wireless Captains Controler

posted Mar 29, 2013 05:49:13 by Auto_Pilot
I was inspired by AlexVanPatten's wireless captains controller and decided to make my own.

I wanted to challenge myself when I saw how small the electronics for the keyboard were, so I got one of the smaller build boxes from RadioShack and tried my best to squeeze it all in.

Larger Pic
It just barely fits after some revisions to the thoughts and lots of monkeying around with the wires.

I don't have it labeled yet, not sure if I will. I kind of like the look of the buttons like how Kirk just had a bunch of buttons on his arm chair that were unmarked. IN order from top down they are positioned as:

F2 Front........F5 Rear
F3 Left.........F4 Right
F6 Tactical.....F7 Long Range
F8 Statistics...On/Off

The on/off button is push on/ push off, the rest are momentary switches. I was going to include a "The device is on" light but with so little room i decided the look of the on button when depressed is obvious enough. I can't wait to work this thing into an arm chair or something for our next game.

If I make another one I think I will remove that board and use much thinner wires and just wire the keyboard electronics directly to the buttons. Mapping out how to do that ahead of time woudl be a huge benefit on a project like this.
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ThomRobertson said Mar 29, 2013 19:44:55
That's very cool.
Creator of Artemis
Cmdr.Brandr said Mar 29, 2013 20:25:26
That is cool and very retro looking. I like it. I think the captains chair having that will work well on the higher levels especially.
Commander Brandr
Commanding Officer of the ship Calamitous Intent

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