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Buttons on second main viewscreen

posted Mar 27, 2013 15:16:48 by toddboyden55
When playing a second bridge, does anyone else find the "OPTN" "MAINSCN" "LRS" and "VIS", buttons on the main screen to be annoying? I usually play on our Artemis bridge, but I took an evening in the other room where we run Intrepid, and found the main screen less visually pleasing than I would like.

Has anyone found a way to disable the HUD buttons (for lack of a better descriptive term)? Having a main screen dedicated to just visuals would be awesome.
Todd B. - Captain of the USS Brewski
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simplician said Mar 29, 2013 04:13:48
Yeah, this has bugged me too!

I would suggest, just hide the tabs on the MAINSCN unless the mouse is moved to the top of the screen.
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