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Artemis Mission Control Website Coming Soon

posted Mar 23, 2013 21:19:18 by BrianKuragiman
Hey fellow captains and crews. I am developing a website that will be used to organize all the missions out there that people make by version # and they will all be hosted on that site rather than scattered all over hell's creation. I am doing this in hopes that other mission designers will utilize the site and help keep all the ready to play Artemis missions in an easy to find place. It is rather frustrating right now finding missions and finding missions that work with the latest version. When it goes live in a few days I will post the link here if that is alright to do. Any mission designers who want uploader access just let me know here and we'll get you setup when we go live so you can upload your missions.
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john said Mar 23, 2013 23:01:38
Exellent idea for both mission creators and players.
EzraCrane said Mar 24, 2013 20:58:55
Thank you for doing this. A module that I had been looking for a while, and eventually assumed didn't exist, recently got bumped to the top and I happened to find it. Keep us updated that would be very useful!
evolwilk said Mar 25, 2013 20:30:57
Very much looking forward to this. Will it also organize the various mods and mod loaders?

Also, I just finished writing my first mission (haven't gotten to post it here yet) and am very interested in posting it over at this new site.

chromerunner said Mar 27, 2013 21:49:14
I am looking forward to this a lot. I have a mission in the works, I'll be sure to post it up on there when work is complete.
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BrianKuragiman said Mar 28, 2013 00:47:48
I have indeed expanded the scope to handle MODS and their LOADERS. Work is coming along nicely. I am done with the layout, now I just need to tidy up some code, get user groups prepped, permissions fixed and all the directory structures setup and ready to go. There is also forums setup so experienced mission designers can help the less knowledgeable and there will be a mission request forum too for those who can't code at all or don't want to learn but they have a good idea for a mission they would like to see done. Just a little while longer.
EricMallory said Mar 29, 2013 21:43:56
+1 for help in locating missions to play. Can we include a functionality for 2 sets of comments from people who have played it? Non-spoiler to help me decide if I want to play it and spoiler comments for those who have played it to talk about. Also un updatable field that shows the latest version of Artemis it was successfully played on. And a rating system so we can rate missions. It would be awesome if I could sort missions that are verified to work on 1.702 by the rating of the people who've played it so I can decide what missions I want to download for this weekend's play.
TravisHead said Apr 01, 2013 17:55:34
Very much looking forward to this.
TravisHead said Apr 01, 2013 17:55:50
(and yes, Eric, I stole your pic!)
EricMallory said Apr 01, 2013 18:52:11
:) It's ok. I stole it from someone else on the forum. I thought it was you. I need to change it back soon. Then people will laugh when they see our pics don't match and your comment.
TreChipman said Apr 01, 2013 22:50:37
Um... I kinda have this here. Did I leave something out?
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EricMallory said Apr 02, 2013 00:08:06
Hi Tre. You've got a great collection of missions, mods, and tools. When I decide which one I want to run, I go to your site to download it. What your site is not is a decision-helping tool. When I want to decide what mission to run, I look through the forums. Then I go to your site and get it. Some dedicated fields and functionality would help. What your site needs to make it a decision-helping tool:
* Version # it runs on
* Sorting options
* Version of the mission
* Comments from people who've done it for
* People considering doing the mission
* People who've done the missions and for spoilers
* A Rating system

BrianKuragiman said Apr 02, 2013 04:49:06
The system we have does allow for ratings, awards for good missions, commenting and sorting (limited functionality right now). Mission contributors still need to add version information to their upload descriptions for now until we customize the download/upload system a little more to have custom fields that can be filled in during upload.

Not trying to step on your toes TreChipman. I honestly could not find a site like the one you have going in first few pages of Google queries when I searched by Artemis Missions. The scope of our site is community driven and is focused heavily on Mission Designers and not just people who play the missions. The final site will have some of the following key features:
* The ability to download/upload missions, mods and tools.
* Full community forums for players, mission designers and modders.
* Real time integrated chat room system so you can talk to other players and designers instantly.
* The ability for players to vote on missions and mods, comment and review them (if you are authorized to do so based on your user rank).
* Updated Links list to relevant Artemis websites and videos.
* Space Hookers and Pizza are extra.
* And more... all this for only $19.95! Act now and we'll throw in a free Kralien minion... no scratch that... the minion has eaten the Engineer. It's defective...

Our planned open date is this coming Friday, the 5th.

Mission Designers and MOD makers, you guys get first crack at the heavier material. I need a few Mission Designers/MOD makers for beta testers. If you are interested friend me on Facebook and be sure you add in your friends request that you want to beta test the website. Just click on my name here in the forums and it will go right to my Facebook. 2 or 3 of you should do nicely. Please don't share the URL with the public after testing.

Below is what the front page layout looks like and the forums.

[Last edited Apr 02, 2013 04:58:58]
BrianKuragiman said Apr 09, 2013 01:32:21
Artemis Mission Control Center is open.

If the site gets utilized by more than 2 people I'll register a new domain name for it but for now, there it is. It has only very basic files uploaded as a starter. It will be up to the community to get things going from there. All uploads of files will be screened daily for quality before being allowed for consumption by everyone.

Mission Designers and MOD Makers should read the FAQ and earning the Rank of Mission/MOD Designer which removes certain restrictions. These restrictions are in place to help keep the site organized and tidy. I look forward to seeing some people in the sign-up que. Please leave feedback and features you think are still needed. I tried to encompasses everything you could possibly need to convey on mission files.

I am still adding content of my own but the site is ready to use. Come on in! Tre, I happily put you in the Artemis links section and appreciate the same if you would be so kind. Let's get this game growing!
RyanDriskel said Apr 15, 2013 19:07:11
The background is cool, but practically speaking, my browser does not appreciate it. It makes browsing the site feel laggy.
EricMallory said Apr 15, 2013 19:26:53
Can you use the facebook login like this forum does so I don't have to remember ANOTHER login?
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