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Two Problems with Missions

posted Mar 21, 2013 19:32:40 by Sean
I have two quick problems with scripting missions:

1. Generic meshes cant be created. It throws an exception when a player tries to join the mission with the generic mesh included. I went through and commented/uncommented, and it's definitely the generic mesh. Here is my code to create it:
<create type="genericMesh" x="98000.0" z="98000.0" name="Anomaly" 
meshFileName="asteroid.dxs" textureFileName="electricNoise2.png" 
fakeShieldsFront="999" fakeShieldsRear="999"
colorRed="1.0" colorGreen="0.2" colorBlue="0.2" />

2. The other problem is that I can get the mission to play custom ogg files, but it plays them back really slowly (at least 1/10th speed, if I have to guess). Any idea why?
EDIT: Upon fiddling around with other .oggs, I got the existing ones to work just fine, which means the oggs im making are what is causing the problem. I'm using audacity to make oggs, what is anyone else using to make them work?
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CaptainZach said Mar 21, 2013 20:23:50
Hi there, as a mission scripting guy I can give you some advice:

1. Try changing meshFileName from "asteroid.dxs" to "dat/asteroid.dxs", and textureFileName to "dat/electricNoise2.png". The game throws an exception when it can't find either the mesh or texture file. Specifying dat tells it what subfolder your mesh file is in. Also, you didn't specify a Y coordinate. Sometimes this isn't a problem, but just in case you may want to try adding 'y="0"' to that create mesh command.

2. For some reason the game doesn't like stereo .oggs or .wavs, but mono files play back just fine. Use audacity to change your files from stereo to mono.
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Mike_Substelny said Mar 23, 2013 07:38:17
1. The problem is that if you use custom generic objects you need t put copies on every console computer. Each one has the potential to display the main viewscreen, so they all need a copy of every graphics file that can appear in the game, even if it never appears.
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