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Complete DMX events list?

posted Mar 21, 2013 00:47:07 by Conor_Sjogren
Is the default DMX Commands XML file the only events that exist in-game? Where can I find a complete list of events that can be put into the file?
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MarkBell said Mar 22, 2013 13:39:09
The DMX Commands XML contains all the event types that exist to this point. Hopefully the game will support more event types in a future release. You can have multiple actions for a single event type, if you want (i.e. a steady red light for red alert but it flashes a few times when it first triggers). The actions lower in the file take precedence over events higher in the file.
Conor_Sjogren said Mar 27, 2013 14:00:35

I understand how the DMX programming works. I'm actually going to be changing it around to send out a different value for each event, which will then trigger a cue list based on what data it receives (after mangling it into MSC).

When you say the "actions" lower in the file take precedence, do you mean the "actions" in the event itself, or the lower the entire "event" is, the higher the precedence it has? Wording gets a little tricky :P
toumaltheorca said Mar 27, 2013 17:33:03
It's about the order of event blocks and output commands in the file. Last one wins. So if you set channel 0 to value 255, and then later down in the file it's set to 0 (could be in another block for the same game event, or a different one, doesn't matter) then the result is 0 because that's what was lowest in the file.

For example, if you have the red alert event block above the shield block and both control the same device, then putting up the shields will overrule the red alert. You can also have multiple red alert blocks and they may or may not control the same light. Whatever the case may be, if for whatever reason you change the value on the same channel multiple times at the same moment, the last one (i.e. furthest down the file) wins.
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