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AI Stack Explained

posted Mar 21, 2013 02:09:42 by BrianKuragiman
Do you really have to micro manage the AI's command structure?

I am making my first mission and at a certain point ships will jump in to start chasing a vital transport. I ordered them to attack the ship with the Add AI Command but that is all they will do. They just ignore me when I get up on them. I can fly with them as one big happy fleet. I can vaporize one of their ships and they just keep baring down on the transport. Do you have to really tell them through scripting to defend themselves? Is there a good article on how AI Stacks work? Searching the forums with AI STACK yielded little results. Help out a noob! Thanks in advance! Great game! Loving the mission building experience so far.
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BrianKuragiman said Mar 21, 2013 02:12:24
I think I answered my own question by reading the .TXT file but if there are some tips veterans scripters have about AI I am all ears.
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