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Smoke on damage via DMX?

posted Mar 20, 2013 22:58:32 by toumaltheorca
Heya, has anyone tried hooking up a smoke machine and fill the room with smoke as the ship gets damaged? If so, what are your experiences with this?
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toumaltheorca said Apr 19, 2013 20:23:10
Also, I made a video with more lights and thicker smoke. What I can say is that a small room is quickly filled with thick smoke if you're a bad captain. Tons of fun. However, if you have a wife and she comes in while you're out in space, she'll kill you :P

MarkBell said Apr 20, 2013 13:13:54
Ooooh, very nice! By thicker smoke, do you mean you've been mixing a smoke fluid and now it's more concentrated? or just that you found a more concentrated kind? All the fog machine smoke stuff I've seen/used has been "Smoke Fluid X", no real indication of concentration.
martinvsamuelsson said Apr 20, 2013 22:36:14
wow, that's sure would be a nice addition on any bridge!
Sorry cant be of any help, I haven't set up any DMX, yet.
toumaltheorca said Apr 20, 2013 23:41:09
There's various thicknesses around. Depending on the brand, different labels mean different things. BTW the exact name/brand of mine is Eurolite "E" Extreme. AFAIK "E" is the thickest fluid, "X" is slightly less thick, etc.

What you can do is get some aqua dest. and mix that with your smoke fluid to make it thinner, which is what I did in the older video. I did that because I wasn't sure how the smoke would affect the room, whether surfaces would get sticky, if there'd be residual smell, etc.
Now I used the undiluted fluid because I was reasonable sure there's no harm to the room. Worked just fine.
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