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Need help with server options

posted Mar 20, 2013 21:38:12 by john
New user, sorry if this info is already listed somewhere but I couldn't find it in the Manual or in a forum search. Love the game so far but the documentation is lacking and not very friendly to those who are less tech savvy. Just bought the full version and have some questions about hosting:

1) Invasion Mode: What is the difference in the Sector settings: Barren, Interesting, and Very Interesting? Does this increase enemies, anomalies, obstacles, all of the above or not even close?

2) The manual mentions a Gamemaster mode but I don't see that option. Is it available? Any documentation on how to run it?

3) Is there a tutorial or doc on creating missions?

4) Is there a way to tweak the settings for a more exploration oriented mission as opposed to combat oriented.

Thanks in advance. Running my first 3 player game with the full version.

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CaptainZach said Mar 20, 2013 22:01:43
Hi there, here are some answers to your questions:

1)Sector settings: Barren will contain just spaceships and stations. interesting will contain a few asteroids, nebula, and 1 black hole, some whales, a few minefields and some anomalies. VERY interesting will contain more asteroids, more nebula, more mines, more whales, more anomalies, and 2 black holes. This setting does not affect the number of stations or enemies.

2) Gamemaster "mode" isn't really a game mode, it's mission mode with a special mission script with gm_keys in the script. "Module_3_bases" that comes with the game is one of these. If you read the module-doc.txt file in that mission's folder, it explains the hotkeys for that script, but if you get into scripting you can do virtually anything with a hotkey instead of automatically.

3) There is! In the main game folder is a file called "mission-file-docs.txt" that describes all the commands the script engine can use and basic syntax. There are numerous resources in the Mission Scripting subforum too, like the Code Snippets thread.

4) Invasion mode is pretty combat oriented, since the goal is to defend space stations against enemies (although you can do side missions to receive upgrades and bonus weapons to help). The best way to do an "exploration" themed mission would be to script one yourself. "The Waning Dark" that comes with the game is not 100% combat based, and the "Havok in the Hamak Sector" mission involves some degree of puzzle-solving and thinking in addition to combat.
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john said Mar 21, 2013 04:08:53
Thanks for the quick reply! I will check out the mission-file-docs.txt.

Unfortunately my crew of 3 turned into a crew of 2 tonight but we had a blast running several easy Invasion missions and figuring out which stations suited us the best. It worked out perfect as I found Helms/Sci/Comm to be my strengths while the other person enjoyed Weapons/Engineering the most.

Looking forward to a 3 or 4 crew game tomorrow night and then try some custom missions tailored to the type of gameplay the group enjoys most. Thanks again. Science Officer signing off.
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