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Maneuvering Bug in Artemis 1.7x. Mission Scripts

posted Mar 16, 2013 03:25:39 by Mike_Substelny
Right now if you give any neutral a set_object_property block that sets any value for turnRate that ship will immediately become unable to turn at all. On your Halm and Weapons consoles the ship will appear to struggle to turn, but on main screen you will see it continue in a straight line forever.

For now the only workaround is to not use set_object_property for turnRate. Just leave every ship at its default.
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PhilipTemple-Watts said Mar 22, 2013 13:26:55
Mike, not sure what you're doing differently, but my neutrals are turning just fine. I haven't cleared stacks, I'm just specifying new top speed and turn rate in an event after their creation.
0.003 works fine, as does 1.0.

<event name_arme="GoliathMods" id_arme="6cf194b9-5c85-42c3-8521-b894ff911fb3" parent_id_arme="6f9c8531-d71a-4959-8c36-699cbcf61a70">
<if_exists name="Goliath" />
<set_object_property property="topSpeed" value="1.0" name="Goliath" />
<set_object_property property="turnRate" value="0.003" name="Goliath" />

xavierwise.tsn said Mar 22, 2013 17:12:09
I have found any turnRate value above 0.01 gives a turn rate that is extremely fast, so I usually set values no higher than 0.008 (equivalent to a scout I think). I have also found a topSpeed value of 2.465 is equivalent to Warp 1.

I have not had any problems with setting speed and turn values however. The mission I am currently scripting works fine with turnRate and topSpeed values and previous missions are also unaffected.
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