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Hilarious Bridge Dialogue

posted Mar 14, 2013 03:55:57 by AdmlBaconStraps
Now, I'll need to preface this by saying when my crew gets together, we get horribly drunk while we play this into the wee hours of the morning.

That said, we've had some great moments when someone has said something that was hilarious. I'm sure we can't be the only crew with this crippling 'problem', so what're yours?

A couple from my crew to start off:

*Having only played with 2-tube ships, we switch to a 3-tube ship while my partner was playing tactical* 'Oh wow! Now I have THREE tubes!'

'Captain, enemy contact incoming, should we open fire?'
'Yes, fire torpedos'
.........'Fire torpedos?'
'Who's tactical?'
*Whole crew* 'Oh shit' (I have *NO* idea how we managed to overlook getting someone on tactical)

'Helm, you have the Conn. I'll be in my ready room' *Walks off to the bathroom*
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TaigiaReilly said Mar 14, 2013 15:10:33
This is why I would never play this game drunk or with a drunk crew. I like to win too much.
Our helmsman started to get drunk during one of the last games and couldn't drive the ship at all. Flying to close to the enemy while in a Missile Cruiser and needing orders repeated several times. The Captain, being a more caring sort, pointed out that the helm was driving home. We got him lots of coffee after that.
MarkBell said Mar 14, 2013 17:16:47
But it's so much more interesting when you've got people really relaxing and getting into their role.

"Captain, please inform Helm that we're aimed right at the minefie..."
"Captain, please inform Science they can go suck an..."
"Captain, please inform the crew that Engineering is low on beer, and will be unavailable for several minutes while refilling."
"Captain, please inform everyone that Comms is joining Engineering at the bar."
"Um.... ok."

"Tactical, load up the..."
"Already done, sir."
"But I haven't even..."
"I know that look."
AdmlBaconStraps said Mar 17, 2013 02:28:40
Taigia: We don't get falling over drunk (At least, not until pretty much near the end of the night) but then, we must have weird constitutions or something, because even drunk, we don't need orders repeated. Sounds like your helmsman is a lightweight :D

MarkBell: Awesome tactical quote. I literally Lolled at it.
Jonathan said Mar 25, 2013 02:20:31
We had some pretty excellent moments during our last run out, perhaps partly due to alcohol. I think my favorite was:
Captain: "Tactical, prepare to fire nuke on my mark."
Tactical: "Uhh, captain? It appears that I may have fired the nuke prematurely."
Captain: "At what?"
Tactical: "At nothing, just a misfire"
Science: "Nuke en route to DS4, Captain."
Captain: "<deep sigh>. All stop. Load another nuke and prepare for combat"
Engineer: "Captain, we're out of nukes"
Tactical: "Hey, I can fire a mine? Should I do that? I'll start loading one."
Captain: "We're currently stopped, but... No, you know what? Go right ahead. Fire away. I don't care anymore."
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