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Do I have to buy the $40 pc version?

posted Mar 13, 2013 20:17:51 by Angelus_Musicae
I was wondering, I'm planning on running the program on three ipads and an iphone as the server, but suppose I wanted to run the server on my pc so I can display it easily on a projector? Would I have to buy the pc version at the full $40 or would I be able to somehow get it because I own the app?
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JamesDunnem said Mar 14, 2013 02:49:33
The app purchase does not equate to a full PC version purchase, but the iPad version does integrate with the PC version (presuming you have a wireless LAN).
The demo version is freely available, but I haven't tested connecting to it with an iPad or another full version client.
I tried the demo, had a geek-giggle meltdown and immediately purchased the full license.
I regret nothing.
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lucas99801 said Mar 15, 2013 03:51:11
Yes. You do. Unless you email Thom directly and somehow get him to sell it to you at a lower rate.

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LawsonThompson said Mar 16, 2013 04:28:24
Either the PC version for $40, or an iPhone to HDMI/VGA adapter for... well, oddly, about the same price from Apple!

Main advantage of a PC server: it can add missions and various mods. You can't really do that on iOS.
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