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Artemis 2.0 to-do list

posted Mar 13, 2013 21:15:30 by ThomRobertson
I know I have been a bit dark about my plans for Artemis V2.0. I didn't mean to be, and I want your guidance and feedback, since the Artemis development has been (and will continue to be) a dialog.

V2.0 will NOT be a new product, but I intend to make it a major upgrade.

------------ plans for V2.0

UI facelift with all the new UI art

merge neutrals and enemies into one NPCShip derived from ShieldedShip

give entites a "side" variable
if your side = theirs, you're friends
otherwise you're enemies
0= no side

make distinct PVP mode
usable ship types
usable torp types
time limit or score limit
players re-spawn

new "neutral ships"
new stations
new space monsters

NPC pathing around dangers

drones and fighters attack neutrals and bases

"submarine 3D", with a climbing/diving helm control

procedural "scenarios" using NPC ships and stations

new skaraan abilities
tractor beam
drone launcher
anti-mine beam weapons
anti-torp beam weapons
anti-shield field

better visuals
exploding ships
player damage (especially from mines and nukes)
rock the camera?
slow black flickering?

better iconography
top-down outlines of all ships

pretty shield indicators on main screen (and other client screens)

------------ if I have time
fighter/shuttle console
rebuild network layer as UDP
get normal mapping to work
game event log, so people can look at it for after-action reports
read sub-set vesselData.xml files from the mission directories
Creator of Artemis
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67 replies
Captain said Mar 13, 2013 23:00:07
Obh my god. WANT! Can't wait thom.
To Mankind
And the hope that the war against folly may someday be won, after all

Isaac Asimov
ZacharyDanielBringham said Mar 13, 2013 23:02:52
This is an awesome list, Thom. You are indeed a gentleman and a scholar. I love all of it.
toumaltheorca said Mar 13, 2013 23:10:15
Looking good!
I hope there's gonna be more stuff to do for the science station. Beam frequency is a good start but I feel that station could offer more, maybe it'd be the only way to detect and display certain dangers, or perhaps it could be used to pilot small drones or do other cool stuff.

Another thing that could be tried is hacking the command codes of other ships, science would have to solve puzzles under time pressure or something like that. Maybe they could even solve puzzles or do other things that affect torpedo effectiveness, perhaps they could prepare an "enhanced torpedo" that way, which could be loaded and do more damager and/or be faster or have a tighter turn radius.
Basically, being busy at the science station could reward the entire ship with increased effectiveness.

That way, it'd be more than "the station with the scan button" :)
ZacharyDanielBringham said Mar 13, 2013 23:28:28
I've always felt that, when played correctly, science is the "tactical" station. They're the only ones who have a long range view and can tell where and what each enemy ship is, as well as the weaknesses of each individual ship. If the captain has a map of the whole system then yes, science is just the guy who scans stuff, but if not, then he's the one who has the full picture of the entire battlefield, he knows where the greatest threats are and the nature of those threats. A good Science officer removes the need for the captain to have a map.
That's not to say that science couldn't have more to do, especially for missions where combat is less emphasized.
toumaltheorca said Mar 13, 2013 23:50:42
Hmm, perhaps. I also watched the GenCon interview where Thom said that he wanted to avoid giving each station *too* much to do, so as to give people time to talk to each other. I see the point of that as well.

Maybe the puzzle thing is not a viable idea to pursue, but I think some additional tasks could add a lot of reward for the player occupying this station. Ultimately I think that's what 2.0 should try to improve. Helm, Weapons and Engineering are quite fun and rewarding to operate, tactical and to a degree communications could do with some additional fun tasks to do.

Also I just wanna express how much I appreciate this game. Stuff like the DMX integration is a stroke of genius, and unlike similar multiplayer multistation games like Dangerous Waters, Artemis actually works properly in multiplayer and is actively developed. I can't wait to see 2.0 taking shape!
hancock.steven said Mar 13, 2013 23:51:23
This game is already amazing and it keeps getting better. Top of my "wish-list" are the following.

#1 Built in ship-to-ship communications.
My crew play locally on a same-room bridge, rather than over the web. We are expanding and making contact with other local groups, so are looking to run multiple ships. Each ship will have same-room bridges, but each in different locations. As a result we are looking to set up ship-to-ship communications. The most essential would be voice-communication between Comms Officers. But bridge-to-bridge video-communications to let captains talk directly would also be awesome.

There are a number of work-arounds available for ship-to-ship comms, but a built-in system would be greatly improve the game and make it accessible to all players. The client running the Comms Bridge-Station would handle audio in/out for a headset, as well having the controls in the UI. Plus the ability to change the screen to display incoming video-comms. I have some further ideas about how this could be implemented but I'll save those for if you think this is viable.

#2 Docking with other ships.
A number of the side missions involve collection something from friendly NPC ships. When playing with multiple player-controlled ships it would be nice to be able to give/receive energy, ammo, and damcon team members, NPC characters, etc. This could be done by docking in the same way as with DS's.

#3 Bigger maps.
Possibly a range of sizes selectable on the start-up menu options, alongside difficulty, scanner range, etc.
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ScottDenning said Mar 13, 2013 23:59:24
That's quite a juicy list, and I see several things that crew have discussed as desirable. Looking forward to 2.0! (And graduating to mission scripting, so I can take advantage of some of the improvements there.)

One thing not mentioned, that has come up quite a bit as desirable: a stronger visual distinction between HELM and WEAP consoles. In the heat of combat, they look an *awful* lot alike... Sure, experience helps, but they can still catch up a newbie.

I am *very* much in favor of having a "fighter" option, as are several people I have flown with. As wonderful as the shared-air bridge crew experience is, sometimes you need to seat the bird yourself. And it's a good option for someone dropping in to a mission online. As it is, we sometimes solo-captain (not Captain Solo) a vessel, for practice in dancing between the consoles and to get some multi-ship action. We also like the "corvette" setup, 2 or 3 crew on a vessel. Several Battlestar Galactica fans on crew, so...

As far as the comments about SCI having more to do, if there will indeed be new neutrals and biologicals the SCI officer will inherently have more to do, sorting out friend (or, at least, neutral) from foe. This would be especially the case when flying with more limited sensor range. (That was a nice improvement, BTW -- increases the tension level of "what's out there?" while reminding one that space is *really* big... Keeps the crew on their toes.) By the same token, it seems to me that COMM will have more to do as well, keeping on terms with neutrals. Perhaps, an option to recruit allies?

Again, a wonderful daydream list of advances for this already captivating simulation. Way to go Thom!
DwayneShaffer said Mar 14, 2013 00:13:56
Thom they say a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Dwayne Shaffer C.O.
Vidar GSR 3701
C.D.F. 7th Fleet
DeaneGeiken said Mar 14, 2013 00:53:54
Well said Dwayne!!!!
Commander -TSN Belisarius (BS 108)
simplician said Mar 14, 2013 01:35:14
Eagerly awaiting!

Also, I'm so glad you're going with "Submarine 3D"~
ScottDenning said Mar 14, 2013 01:47:19
Wow. Is this the "Submarine 3D" you're talking about?

**Very** impressive!

toumaltheorca said Mar 14, 2013 02:00:57
@Scott: Of course! Comes in the digital deluxe edition box! :P

Jim Johnson said Mar 14, 2013 03:11:21
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

How about now?!?

Thom, this truly is a spectacular list. Thanks for being open to feedback from your loyal fans!
AdmlBaconStraps said Mar 14, 2013 03:37:35
Thanks Thom, now I need some new pants after the sheer amount of pant-wettingly awesomeness listed there.
ScottDenning said Mar 14, 2013 04:13:39
I've had a few hours to mull the list over, after having seen it (and passed it along) earlier today.

Here's some feedback -- while striving to restrict this to just reactions to Thom's proposed upgrade list, and not letting it turn into a "wouldn't it be nice if..." daydream session. Heck, these upgrades are already darn nice!

-- Smarter NPC ships. It's nice to think of traders as not being so ready to bumble into a black hole. Not seeing an approaching enemy, sure -- they don't have the sensor packages of a warship. A minefield, maybe -- if they had not received a new map (or if such a map had been withheld from them, in case of capture). But any first-day pilot should be able to avoid a black hole. Makes it easier to "respect" them. That said, maybe they could try to evade enemy ships? Their sensors of course do not have the range of those of warships, but they would likely detect the enemy at moderate range and try to evade, perhaps at that time sending out a general distress call.

-- PVP. One of the first things to occur to all of us, once we have tried the game. A live tactician against a live tactician. The ultimate showdown. Captain vs. Captain, Crew vs. Crew. Mano a Mano. With "handicapping" of different classes of ships -- "Ha! I can take you in a Scout with one tube tied closed!" Yes, please.

-- New neutral ships, new space critters. This should greatly increase the "texture" of the game, while (as mentioned in a previous post) providing more for SCI and COMM to keep track of. Having noncombatants around to worry about/protect/keep out the way has always been a part of warfare, and as we know space is teeming with unlikely life forms. Were the captain of a neutral vessel to be grateful for protection, and prove it by sharing some useful cargo... well, that would just be a nice little bonus. (BTW, I am always braced for an enemy ship trying to sneak up on a Starbase by hiding amongst a pod of space whales.) And perhaps such a show of friendship could turn a neutral into an ally.

-- New Skaraan abilities. One thing I like about the Into The Breach mod is that the Klingons and Romulans are "beefier", more robust as enemies and closer in abilities to our own vessels. Beefing up the Skaraan vessels would make them tougher and wilier, more of a challenge and each one more of an individual threat. Perhaps this would be a quality vs. quantity sort of thing, with increasing levels of difficulty? Fewer enemy overall, but individually tougher? Anyway, a more balanced fight card ship-to-ship.

-- Top-down outline view of ships on tactical. This is a *great* tweak that should really add to the realism of/absorption in the game. Very nice. Especially if it reflects the different classes.

-- Better visuals. The icing on the tasty cake. I was already impressed with damaged ships venting into space; any further visualizations of damage seem like a gift! Another gift that will increase the absorption into the game.

As has been said many times and I am sure will be said again many more times: the simulation is already such a blast, any discussion of "improvements" seems almost ungrateful. But all of these efforts are much appreciated.

Way to go, Thom. Now, you need to work on upgrading our 24-hour day so we have more time to play Artemis...

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