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Android testers needed!

posted Mar 13, 2013 21:23:49 by ThomRobertson
The android version is now in BETA, and I need you to help me find bugs. Right away.

If you want to help test, email me at
techbear a t gmail dt com

And provide the following info:

Real Name:
Email address:
Available android devices you will test the game with:

If I choose you, I'll
1) provide you with a download link for the game as an .APK file, and
2) eagerly await your emails detailing the problems you encounter. So don't wait 2 weeks to get your bridge together; I need feedback right away.
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AdmlBaconStraps said Mar 14, 2013 03:39:11
I'd love to, but my crew only plays every 6 weeks or so. Frankly, I'd love to see how a captains map works on my phone (which I'm fairly sure should be able to run it).

I've put the word out to my crew members though, since I know some know other Artemis players here in AUS.
primetime34 said Mar 25, 2013 21:07:24
I'm very interested. We play often. I emailed you. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks.
timechick said Mar 25, 2013 23:33:53
I'm interested, we are setting up a server for play and I'm a huge Android fan. I currently have your latest version and I'm a bit unhappy I cannot use it with 1.702.
primetime34 said Mar 26, 2013 04:46:39
The version you have been using (Artclient I'm assuming) is not Thom's work. It is the work of an separate individual working on his own. AFAIK, Thom hasn't released his version to the public at large. Hope that helps.

If you are interested, then you need to follow the instructions in the first post and wait for Thom to respond to you. Have a great day!
toumaltheorca said Mar 26, 2013 23:08:00
I'm just wondering, is/was Thom at PAX?
JesseCool said Mar 27, 2013 01:01:39
Email sent, and I hope I get to test this out! Thanks Thom, android support is a great idea! Is the same company that did your iOS client doing the android client as well?
DwightSpencer said Mar 27, 2013 03:13:48
I'd be willing to give the android beta a test as well. I can run the test on a galaxy nexus & galaxy 7. Tournal, Yep, Thom was a Pax. I met him there myself, along with Brian (community manager). Great guys, and definitely got me hooked on Artemis. We even played in our car (3 of us) on the way back from pax (8 hour drive). Great times! :)

toumaltheorca said Mar 27, 2013 10:10:54
Playing Artemis in the car? Classy :)
Haven't gotten further response from him regarding the android client test results so that's why I was wondering.

Also for the record, I'm more excited about a public android release and the upcoming V2.0 than Battlefield 4. And that says as much about BF4 as it says about this game.
RussJudge said Mar 27, 2013 16:38:30
Anyone know how a Mod could be applied to the Android? I've got the question posted here:
Author of Artemis Mod Loader.

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harpur.mark said Mar 28, 2013 07:34:38
I am an Android developer, and I would love to test this out for you on several different android devices I have at my disposal. We're getting ready for a game two days from now!
ThomRobertson said Mar 29, 2013 20:04:24
Thank you all for offering. I've contacted many of you, and we're working the bugs out. I now have plenty of testers.

If I need more, I'll ask in a new thread. Thanks!
Creator of Artemis
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