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Artemis V: Report of the UES Muffins

posted Mar 10, 2013 03:18:17 by TaigiaReilly
After setting up for a massive fleet engagement of four mighty vessels against the combined efforts of our sworn enemies. It was the Fleet Commanders wish that we began on a low difficulty with a light cruiser to warm up. The crew of the Muffins are skilled and experienced, so we chose to use a jump drive instead of warp. Once the simulation started we quickly discovered that we were the most experience and well prepared crew among our peers.
Being that as the case we found a pair of enemy fleets in A2 and B2 respectively, After making a long distance jump to A1 we loaded an ECM and Nuke before destroying the nearest fleet. With one down we repeated the one-two punch and destroyed the second fleet before using a few mines to clean up stragglers.

With our confidence at an all time high the Fleet Commander ordered another low level practice engagement.

This next mission didn't go as well. The rest of the Fleet was practicing with Battleships so the Captain and Crew of the Muffins elected to use a Missile Cruiser, once more with a jump drive. Following an almost identical pattern of attack we jump to the far reaches of the map to engage an enemy formation. The enemy formation was destroyed before we began an attack run on another. Sadly due to our helmsman's inexperience with the Missile Cruiser we flew within the enemies beam range and were fired upon. While retreating we dropped mines. This would later prove fatal as we were maneuvering around to avoid more enemies and our helm misjudged the distance to a mine. Direct hit. All hands lost.

The Fleet Commander then went to the server and allowed us to respawn. This time the UES Muffins was a Scout with a warp drive. And we were the best damn scout in the fleet!
But we were the only scout in the fleet. Heading out at warp speeds we picked a fight with first one fleet and then another. Using our mines and ECMs we were able to destroy both groups with the exception of a Torgoth Behemoth. After a while the ships of the fleet arrived and nuked the Torgoth vessel into a radioactive gas.

Finally it was time for the big event of the night. Four ships would be fighting on level eleven. Once more the Muffins was a jump capable Missile Cruiser. This game was a bit of a blur of action and I am going to look to my captain to fill this in.
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Captain said Mar 10, 2013 14:42:32
Nice. Always enjoy these stories you post every week.
To Mankind
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EricMallory said Mar 13, 2013 19:55:15
+1 to enjoying your mission reports. Keep writing them.
JimGrindrod said Mar 20, 2013 08:33:31
The Dreaded 11

Multi-ship, 3 dreadnaughts, UES Muffins in a missile cruiser with Jumpdrive. Level: ELEVEN! Three mostly inexperienced crews, and my crew… who had a handicap of a drunk helmsmen. Standard invasion, Very interesting. One respawn per ship.

Right off the bat, we were somewhat boned. My ship flew off to take on the nearest fleets attacking our current space station (DS4), and managed to destroy 2 of the fleets nearest before the other ships got into trouble. It didn’t go well from there. The Intrepid (ship 2) got into trouble trying to defend DS3 and needed help. We jumped down and told them to warp out while we nuked the group currently attacking them. The Intrepid then proceeded right into another fleet, and again needed to be saved by us. Somewhere along the way, the Gravedigger (Ship 3) had blow up, and DS1 along with it.

About this time, I noticed that the Artemis (ship 1) had stopped moving altogether and was just floating by itself in open space. With no explanation. I found out later that the crew was undergoing a ‘mutiny’ for nearly 15 minutes. This lead indirectly to our first death. Trying to defend the station they were ignoring, we ended up getting totally overwhelmed by a group of Arvonian fighters, and sacrificed ourselves by dropping mines in the middle of their formation.

After a respawn of our ship (and the gravedigger) we rejoined the fight at DS2, taking out the small fleet attacking, and AGAIN saving the Intrepid. We then started to lay down a series of mines as a trap for the incoming fleets. A trap which the Gravedigger sprung on itself by flying directly into three of the mines and promptly blowing up. My first officer joked later that they ‘dug their own grave.’ The remade trap did actually end up working and took out most of the incoming first fleet.

It was around this time that the Intrepid went exploring! And found that funny little pink thing on their map to be a seriously deadly space monster. One that proceeded to make them its lunch.

DS4 was again under attack, and we flew off to try and aid both the respawned Intrepid, and the finally awake Artemis. The Artemis, apparently under new management, had started laying mines around the station. Our drunk helmsmen jumped us too close to the haphazardly laid minefield, and we blew up a second time.

By the end, only the Artemis and Intrepid were left, and neither was flying out to meet the remaining ships… all 3 of them. It wasn’t until the host (who was playing ship-to-ship messenger) had to yell at them to just finish the game that they flew out to kill the ships with nukes, nearly destroying each other in the process.

Part of the issue was the other team's inexperience... and mutiny... but the other was that many people were drunk.
JimGrindrod said Mar 20, 2013 09:01:40
Artemis Drift

Multi-crew, Mission mode: The Waning Dark. Level 4.

So, we tried to have 4 ships doing this mission. We got the command to "Scan the nebulae" and so we did. All of us. Repeatedly flying through all of the nebulae, while the scientist that gave us the generic mission kept yelling at us to 'scan through them!'

Well, after nearly 15 or so minutes of nothing happening, we decided to give up as it was unbeatable. Our crew decided to try and fly out and blow up the space station housing the scientist. We hit maximum warp... and didn't move. Full energy, full warp 4, no movement. After about 10 seconds of the ship just humming like it should be moving, it shot out of the nebula like a bullet... SIDEWAYS! We then proceeded to basically space-drift around the whole map. When we killed our warp, we actually sped up even faster, scraping along the edge of the map itself. Another ship had tried something similar, and ended up going into warp backwards, crashing through an asteroid belt and finally hitting the map edge. After laughing uncontrollably for minutes, we finally ended up having to just quit out.

Later, I made this joke:


Staring Vin Diesel as Captain Dominic Toretto, leader of a space savvy gang of underground star racers. When one of their crew gets killed mysteriously, they must find out who did it, and get SPACE REVENGE!

Rated R"
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