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Thoughts on Additional Consoles

posted Mar 04, 2013 08:03:13 by jonojonojononaito
My group has played a decent amount of Artemis and we often have an issue where we have extra players, but not enough to create another ship. This leads to all sorts of thoughts and discussions about additional consoles. I feel like I may as well write them up here as a contribution to the thoughts and perhaps the future of this great game:

Junior Officer:
This is a simple one. Whenever we have extra players (or not enough computers) we start doubling up on stations, even once or twice screen-sharing a screen. The senior officer calls the shots while the junior can help act as extra ears and eyes, making adjustments on particular things when necessary. So the thought is what if multiple players could choose one console, you could have a main and a side console, perhaps even adding complexity to the abilities of the console with the added screen space. This could also be a good way to train/practice with other players to learn new stations.

First Officer:
Kind of the opposite of the Juniors, the First officer would operate as an assistant to the captain, and what they ca do depends on the crew you have. If you have a full crew they get summarized readouts from each console (small damage diagram, summary of energy set by engineer, most recent comm message, loaded weapons, etc) as well as control of the captains screen like helm and weapons. If you are missing a crew member (such as comms), a simplified version of their abilities will be made available. This will let a ship that is missing a few stations to at least pull off a simple long range scan, or a status request or a brief boost to a system. In games with too few people this can allow a respite from the annoyance of lacking a station, and also offer a second source of information in the potential chaos of a full crew.

Personnel Officer:
The engineer has a lot to do with operating everything efficiently, but my fellows see a potential in adding an officer who specifically works with the unseen crew of the Artemis. If engineering receives some of the amazing upgrades suggested in this forum, there may be some changes about hull vs. interior damage. With that in mind, a Personnel OFficer could do the following:
-Can co-control damcon teams
-Track status and functionality of weapons, maintenance, security and other personnel.
-Directs closing and opening of damaged portions of the ship to limit crew casualties
-Maintains the crew via a medical facility, which has limited capacity
-Can prioritize medical patients and divert personnel around the ship to keep everything running efficiently, in some ways a san added layer of management to engineering's power control
-Negotiating and choosing the enlistment of particular elite personnel at stations that give boosts to various parts of the ship(such as a scientist, who if kept safe, provides a bonus to the science station)

Defense Officer:
I saw this position a few times in this forum and we all support it. A designated console for specific shield controls, point lasers to hit incoming ordinance, direct boarding teams/ship defense. etc.

These are just some thought. I am excited to se what is added to this game as time goes on!
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