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Fonts for 2.0

posted Mar 04, 2013 20:34:10 by ThomRobertson
I need your help.

Currently Artemis uses two fonts, one bigger, and one smaller (and more read-able). Right now the smaller one is Tohoma, which is certainly readable but not very futuristic.

Please recommend a font that 1) is very readable, 2) looks good in a small size, and 3) more "artemis-y" than Tahoma.

Thanks for you help!
Creator of Artemis
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AshleyNathanielReese said Mar 04, 2013 20:51:07
alpha male modern

emerald city
xavierwise.tsn said Mar 04, 2013 21:22:00
When I have been stuck for a cool looking font, I have gone to They have fonts classified as "Sci-Fi" fonts here. I don't know if you are allowed to use them so that would have to be investigated. I think the main issue may be with permissions as it will be used for a game that is being sold to the general public. There are some pretty nice looking ones on there though. I particularly like Futurex Voager, Interdimensional and Venus Rising.
ThomRobertson said Mar 06, 2013 13:03:20
Yeah, see, is neat, but the fonts there don't satisfy my requirements of:
1) is very readable, 2) looks good in a small size, and 3) more "artemis-y" than Tahoma.

I'm not asking for help choosing an extremely cool, evocative font. I just want to replace Tahoma with something a little less bland.
Creator of Artemis
CaptainZach said Mar 06, 2013 16:32:30
Bank Gothic is less bland. Trebuchet has a little wider letters than Tahoma, and it seems easier to read at size 8.

Comedy answer: comic sans!
unnecessarilylongusername said Mar 06, 2013 19:47:03
I like Euphemia. The y, j, and l give it a little flair, and it's pretty readable to me at small or large sizes.
xavierwise.tsn said Mar 06, 2013 23:00:19
Ha, I see, my mistake. Should have thought more about the criteria! Love the comedy answer above though, roll on comic sans!

I am unsure what to suggest... Calibri Light perhaps? It seems a neat font that is relatively easy to read. It is the default font when I come to write documents (well Calibri is), and I rarely change it (although I have found a recent fondness for Ariel Narrow for some reason; I don't think it would work in smaller sizes though).

Hope those are better suggestions my earlier one, and more useful.
silerdesign said Mar 08, 2013 16:29:03
I use a couple free ones called "War Eagle" and "Optic."
badgeguy said Mar 08, 2013 19:53:32
Have you considered Quantico ( This looks beautiful in an Anti-Aliased format and I feel has a spaceship console feel, but you appear to be working currently in 14pt and 18pt, without anti-aliasing. Is there any intention in changing this in the 2.0 version?
Mike_Substelny said Mar 08, 2013 20:34:37
I humbly suggest a constraint for the font: I would like the font have the widest possible displayable character set.

The Artemis universe is destined to be international, so it would be good to have as many non-English characters as possible.
"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton!"

(Likely actual words of Admiral David Farragut, USN, at the battle of Mobile Bay. Four bells was the signal for the engine room to make full steam ahead).
TheoBrinkman said Mar 09, 2013 05:19:39
I might point out that 'bland but easily readable' is actually a very good thing to shoot for when choosing fonts for mission-critical user interfaces.

That out of the way, the Venus Rising font in the sci-fi section of might deserve a look. It seems readable, but doesn't have the 'look at me, I'm an every day, 20th century font' look to it.
LawsonThompson said Mar 09, 2013 05:57:14
Quantico has a NEAT mili-tech feel, but possibly breaks down under small type sizes due to the pseudo-serifs between the strokes. I'm trying to imagine reading it on an iPad...

How about Ubuntu? It appears to have a very wide language coverage, covering Mike's character set idea above, and the license is free.
DaveWightman said Mar 09, 2013 18:13:37
For body fonts I think geometric fonts (you can spot them from little things like the 'o' being a perfect circle) do a good job of looking futuristic and visually appealing. Century Gothic and Futura are both great options for that.

If you want a title font I really think Michroma looks fantastic:

For body content the problem with Futura and Century Gothic are that both cost a little bit of money, but they do look great, and at smaller font sizes they look very science fiction:

Traditionally science fiction fonts are very blocky, like old digital LCD displays, but more recently they are favoring rounded corners (incidentally something more commonplace in circuit board design as well). Also in the new Star Trek movie they took mostly bold, smooth fonts but gave lots of kerning between the letters and used all-caps everywhere - so that's another way of giving a futuristic vibe.

I also found that Spinnaker is a pretty good body font too:

I put together this mock up of the Artemis interface pretty much exactly as-is but with the fonts swapped out for Michroma and Spinnaker. Some parts I had to wing a bit so the cursor is a little different :p
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