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posted Mar 04, 2013 19:13:27 by RickEnitlesa
I'm playing with a few other ship crews and we're comparing campaign results trying to build a sort of ladder ranking system to compete for best crew status and such. We'd love to see some reporting function added into the game where you could specify an ftp server or web address and when a campaign completes the results are uploaded along with the settings. With this idea in the long haul there could even be an official ranking/ladder system. It would also be nice to have the server config file be sent along with the report to ensure that people aren't turning homing missiles into nukes or something like that in terms of damage done.

I'm NOT asking for the game to do scoring or checking that files haven't been changed, I would expect the website/server receiving the info to do all that work. Just looking for a way to auto-upload results/config when missions end.
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MichaelMesich said Mar 05, 2013 05:34:10
Even a text-file dump would be fine by me.

CSV? All the better.

XML? Groovy.

RickEnitlesa said Mar 05, 2013 05:54:20
Agreed, what ever method is easiest to program in for Thom.
TaigiaReilly said Mar 05, 2013 06:21:22
Yeah, this would be fantastic. My crew did a big LAN party and we were easily the most experienced crew. It would have been nice to know the amount of ass we were kicking for bragging rights.
RichardDobbins said Mar 05, 2013 07:13:45
It would have been nice to know the amount of ass we were kicking for bragging rights.

This exactly.
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TaigiaReilly said Mar 06, 2013 06:06:12
I'm glad there isn't any mistake about what we want to see. Though it would be cool if sometime down the line it was a robust listing giving credit to individual crewmen but that is just wishful thinking.
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