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Rock band light kit setup

posted Mar 02, 2013 16:48:01 by EvanBoehler
Hi all, I am new to the artemis forums but I have been hosting and playing artemis games for a while.
I am really trying to setup a Rock band light kit to work with artemis, Now I have installed and setup SK lightworks ( and it works great, it even has scripts to trigger events, and those scripts can be triggered by keyboard presses (currently bound to 1,2,3,4,5, and q,w,e,r,t) but those keyboard bindings dont work unless it is the primary selected window...
it seems like I am only one step away, but I am not entirely sure the best way to jump this one last gap.

I haven't seen any posts on how to trigger events like this (such as when the ship goes to red alert), but I have seen some posts on potentially scripting mission events that trigger the light kit. and certainly there is a lot on the DMX light kits.

Has anyone got the rock band light kit working with artemis?

if so how? I'd really appreciate any feedback anyone has or if there is a better way to execute on this. If I get this working, My next project is to get my steel battalion controller working with it.

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