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can i run 4 stations with 3 PC's and an Ipad

posted Mar 01, 2013 16:07:08 by gylvannecro
Just curious, i haven't bought the game yet. I have 3 PC's and an Ipad and i was wondering if i could use them all together. Or does the pc version only like Pc version and Ios only like Ios. Thanks!!!
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ThomRobertson said Mar 01, 2013 16:13:20
The PC and IOS versions (and the upcoming Android version) all work together.
Creator of Artemis
gylvannecro said Mar 01, 2013 16:28:16
That's awesome. Thank you very much. I'll be buying both tonight.
Jim Johnson said Mar 13, 2013 03:50:23
And if you have an iPhone (and really good eyes), you can use it as well. We ran one game with two desktops, two laptops, two iPads and I was using my iPhone for the Captain's map!
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