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Blackholes, Surprise Girlfriends, and Ghost Ships

posted Feb 28, 2013 06:09:51 by JimGrindrod
So, another week, another meet, another couple of good stories to tell. (pictures to be added later)

So first off, our new guy brought his girlfriend over, which was unexpected but not at all unwanted. She even joined in and started to do pretty well on her own. She started as science, then weapons. After a bit of practice, she got the hang of it pretty well. She even had our best mass-nuke to date. 7 ships, 1 ECM, 1 nuke, all dead. F*ck yeah! Then on to helm, where she still needs a little more practice in the art of moving around ships and not standing still. But she's learning.

During one of our missions, we ran across an interesting bug. Ghost ships. Not one, but FOUR fleets of ships at the bottom edge of the map. They could be selected for scanning, could be targeted by weapons, but when a weapon was fired, the missiles went in the total opposite direction, and lasers didn't target. They never showed up on the external view, either. We dubbed them ghost ships. The only way to end the game was to either quit, or blow ourselves up. We opted for the latter. Warp core breach!

And finally, an all out ass-whooping! And it was our ass that got whooped. Starting a normal invasion (difficulty 7), DS01 and DS03 were instantly under attack before we even knew what was going on. We chose to defend DS03, only to find it was the wrong option. One ship after another after another, depleting our weapons and energy. DS01, 02, and eventually 04 were all destroyed by several fleets. Outnumbered 20 to 1, our last station under heavy attack, no missiles, and low energy, I as captain made a command call: Jump into the heart of a black hole.

It was glorious.
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Jrok said Mar 04, 2013 00:09:01
LOL!!! very epic!
AdmlBaconStraps said Mar 09, 2013 01:30:11
+1 to this.

Our last session had 2 girlfriends, out of 4 or so ladies and multiple ships using a combination of iPad and PC's to run each station. Was working really well.

Up until one sneaky guy snuck another PC ship in, quietly jumping it in and out of range of one of the 'proper' PC ships, making random attacks. We mistook it for the other player ship and ended up in a PvP brawl.

We won of course, having the bigger ship :D
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