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DMX Event expansion

posted Feb 26, 2013 04:42:48 by T.ClayArgo
I ordered the previously posted holidaycoro kits and have a 4 light setup that is working very well. I love being able to tinker with the effects and such. One thing I'd like though, are more game events to associate lighting events to. For example, I would love an event type="PLAYER_WARP_1(2,3,4)" so I could have a pulsating warp engine sort of effect relative to the speed of the ship. What does it take to declare events like this? How/where are the current events defined and is there a way to extend the current set of accessible events?
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MarkBell said Feb 26, 2013 10:06:42
Events are defined in the DMXcommands.XML file in your DAT folder. There isn't currently a way to add new event types, although you can add duplicate event actions. Hopefully there will be more outputs available in a upcoming release :)
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