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Make ship triangles and designations appear above beam arcs

posted Feb 25, 2013 02:43:06 by BasilPaulMcKeon
This would be an easy fix and I'm sure other players have experienced the same frustration when playing Weapons especially.

When there are a lot of enemies flying around it is hard to differentiate between them, because their names are covered up by the beam arcs. I think that the ship triangles and their names take precedence over their firing range.
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pletcher said Feb 25, 2013 21:25:50
Agreed! I don't want to shut off beam arcs entirely, but it is quite hard to tell what is going on when many ships are close together. Drawing the beam arcs below other things should do the trick!
LawsonThompson said Mar 01, 2013 04:08:54
How about showing beam arcs only on the current locked target?
TaigiaReilly said Mar 01, 2013 04:16:53
I don't really have a problem with this because when you have all those enemy ships on your scope and you can barely see the bad guy throught the overlapping firing arcs, you know how screwed you really are.
Jim Johnson said Mar 01, 2013 04:24:12
We solve that problem by showing only player firing arcs. Not knowing whether that enemy ship is in range or arc yet adds a degree of uncertainty and tension to the game!
RussJudge said Mar 03, 2013 18:53:39
@Troy: bad idea--you won't have any way of knowing if you are slipping into the beam arc range of a non-targetted enemy--which could prove disastrous.
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Jrok said Mar 03, 2013 20:28:00
i am understandable of this, cus i play weaps alot, but i just settle the issue by zooming in during combat to directly target someone. from a far out view is if very hard to distinguish
Captain said Mar 04, 2013 03:26:22
The purpose for this I think is far it view. And when there is ten or so ships in one area it is pretty hat to tell even zoomed in.
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