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Did you know?

posted Feb 25, 2013 00:42:22 by Insaniac99
So my crew and I experiment a lot when we start to get tired from hours of gaming and then we start to mess around just to be silly. Here are a couple interesting things that we have learned and haven't seen repeated anywhere else:

1: You can warp through minefields without taking any damage. Even with the hulking Destroyer if you have the warp engines maxed at 300% and are going warp 4, you will be out of the range of the explosion before it detonates, taking no damage. We even rammed a mine head on and it only slowed us down enough to take a minor hit. With a lighter and faster ship, such as the scout, you can blast through the minefield without the mines even triggering.

2: You can use the same maximum speed to fly through the center of a singularity (black hole) taking little to no damage, depending on the ship. We tried a bunch of times and the only times we took damage was with the destroyer right through the center when three nodes were damaged with shields down and only a 25% his when the shields were up. Other ships flew too fast to take damage.

I invite others to comment and share little secrets like these that you have learned.
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