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Bananas and Missile Cruisers and Jump drives, oh my!

posted Feb 22, 2013 05:59:19 by TaigiaReilly
Time to talk about the continuing adventures of my friends and I as we play the Artemis spaceship bridge simulator.

This was the first time in a few weeks we were able to get together enough players for a proper crew.
Our set up was between the dining room and living room of Jim's place.

Our server computer had a dual monitor set up so the crew in the living room could see the monitor shown while who ever was at the computer in the dining room could still see the main screen.

Here you can see me in the dining room.

And here is a close up of me and my cheese balls. A perk of being second in command and the ships cook.

The crew was in the living room. We started with a group of four crewmen total.

Left to right it is: Jim, our captain. Jesse, our Lieutenant Commander. And our newest addition, Ensign Second Banana Larry.

Another shot.

After our first game and a break to chat and figure things out we were joined by ensign third banana Brenton.

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TaigiaReilly said Feb 22, 2013 06:14:56
And one of Ensign Third Banana Brenton with the rest of the crew. During a snack break, I think.

The stories of our mission on this night begin before the Ensign Third Banana had arrived. After reminding the Captain that we had yet to use the Missile Cruise, and thinking it a wonderful ship due to it's ability to out range any of the enemy fleets with a storm of torpedos, we selected that vessel and got underway.

We were taking part in the Trials of Deneb 01.

After engaging a few different ships and having some minor success we returned to the space station to rearm. With a minefield bearing 270 and the major enemy force coming from that direction we thought we had time. We didn't. The enemy barreled through the field and came at use full force. We tried to use our mines, ECMs, and homing torpedos to defeat them and save the station but it was no luck Somehow they were cuting us to pieces. Finally we were destroyed.

Following our failure we talked about what happened and what we could do differently. It was then that Ensign Second Banana Larry pointed out something that the seasoned vets had forgotten. We didn't raise our shields! Embarassed at the mistake but feeling proud of the raw recruit for figuring it out. Larry was promoted to Junior Lieutenant First Banana and given the nickname of "Chiquita" as those were the brand of bananas we gave to him from the galley.

Trials of Deneb 02

With the knowledge of what went wrong fresh in our minds the crew returned to stations and launched as a valiant missile cruiser once more. Sadly even with our shields up the enemies proved too many for our numbers of torpedos. It was now that we accepted that the Missile Cruiser. While strong and well armed. Needs an escort to fight most successfully.


This had to be the light of the night. When the Captain selected invasion I jumped for joy. I've been wanting to play with the jump drive since I first read about them in the manual. I begged the Captain to choose the jump drive, along with a battleship, so that we could tear space a new one and fly through it. Finally the Captain agreed and we were off. As helm I was being very sure to get bearings and distances, going as far to double and triple check the numbers. It was a surprise for the crew the first time the ship jumped. The screens all went black and we were outside of time and space but then in an instant everything came back and we were right on the tail of an enemy fleet. Before they could properly turn to face us we had ECM'd and Nuked three of the five. The rest fell quickly to combined direct energy weapons fire and homing torpedos.

Our Ensign Third Banana and Lieutenant First Banana had never seen the space whales before. They were in awe of the majestic creatures. Ensign 3rd Banana wanted to attack them but we stopped him. While we watched the space whales we were also able to see what we came to this side of the map to watch. Three enemy ships drifting into a black hole. Only one ship left to destroy we decided to show the new guys a space monster.
After jumping into range we got nice and close until it started to fire on us. Then we jumped to the enemy and nuked them into nothingness.

We played several more games after this but none of them were much different. We loved the jump drive and played with it like a couple of children with a new toy.

More adventures next time!
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EricMallory said Feb 22, 2013 22:44:50
Great read. Thanks for the summary.
Charlie said Feb 23, 2013 04:22:32
No doubt! Looks like a good time.
TaigiaReilly said Feb 24, 2013 18:11:44
I'm glad I got some replies. Good to know I'm no the only one that enjoys reading others after action reports.

Our crew is still positively smitten with the jump drive. Sure it takes more power and you have to be really damn sure of what you are doing so you don't jump yourself into a black hole or minefield but it feels more.. I dunno... exciting.
JimGrindrod said Feb 25, 2013 13:38:49
Chiquita: "Hey guys, did we raise shields in that last mission?"
Everyone else: "Ye- uh... wait. Did we?" All realize at once we did not.
Me: Well that explains a lot."
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