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TSN RP Community; Join the Fight!

posted Feb 20, 2013 18:44:17 by xavierwise.tsn
Recruitment continues for the TSN RP Community. There are several members already but more are needed. The more that we can get the better. Head to the wiki RP pages, grab an application and get it filled in. All the details about the community can also be found there. If you have any questions, email me at

Anyone can join, whether as a active member (attending at least 3 times a month) or as a casual member (less than 3 times a month). You can play as an officer of the TSN, building a career profile and honing your expertise; or take part as a civilian member, scripting missions, joining academy vessels, sorting training, or helping out and contributing to the community. Active Officers can become members of official TSN vessels, progress through rankings and gain qualifications and awards. Academy vessels, set up on the night and open to all, will be flying every session so you will be certain to get a game in.

Official RP sessions are to be held every Saturday night, starting at 8.00pm GMT. I am looking to organise an official launch on 2nd March with a large online community of RP players meeting as new officers of the TSN RP Community!

Join the fight
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