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posted Feb 18, 2013 19:39:39 by hancock.steven
As captain, I was curious to know the power consumption and speed at different energy allocations and warp settings. Before our second session my helm and engineering officers powered down all systems apart from Warp and did a 1 grid square run at 100% 200% and 300% for Warp 1, 2, 3, 4. They produced a table showing time taken and energy consumed to travel a grid square. They loved it! Saying it felt like day-to-day life aboard a starship, running engine diagnostics and other down-time maintenance between engagements.
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Captain said Feb 19, 2013 22:32:51
cool. I wouldn't mind seeing those results. I know the general consumption for all levels at 100% but have done little experimenting beyond that.
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EricMallory said Feb 19, 2013 23:25:10
I'd like to see those results too.

I've done similar tests. The most interesting one was seeing if we could fly long-ways through a mine field at warp 4. The answer: Yes, we can!!

The most useful one: We fly the same speed as a monster when we are at warp 1 and ENG has overcharged warp to 125%. Keeping the monster just over 1000K range, we can fly the monster anywhere on the map without taking damage.

Monsters are OP.
hancock.steven said Feb 20, 2013 00:05:23
I've signed up for the wiki. I'm planning to post them up there at some point. I've got some more diagnostics planned for this week. I'll share those too.

Eric: I'll remember that trick - Warp 1, 125% - cheers!
Mike_Substelny said Mar 06, 2013 14:00:33
When Artemis first came out, this was an exercise in the "Shakedown Cruise" mission script. No one ever liked it, though, so I never pursued it any farther. I had not though of having the crew fill out a table, though. That's brilliant! Maybe I need to re-visit that script.
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