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Eng overcharging tactical to "counteract damage to tactical systems"

posted Feb 18, 2013 05:09:49 by EricMallory
I noticed this in the manual. I actually, just found the manual.

Can anyone explain what this means?

Benefits of Overcharging:
 Beam - increases the rate of fire and damage inflicted by all beam weapons
 Torpedo - decreases load and unload time for all torpedo tubes
 Tactical - increases the speed of Science scans, and counteracts damage to tactical systems
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2 replies
xavierwise.tsn said Feb 18, 2013 16:41:04
There is no Tactical power slider. I assume it should read "Sensors - increases the speed of Science scans". Currently there is no why to counteract damage to any system aside from having shields raised and powered. To me it just seems an odd mistake.

TaigiaReilly said Feb 18, 2013 19:37:40
Maybe Thom was thinking one thing and ended up typing another. That happens to me sometimes.
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