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MIDI control of engineering screen

posted Feb 17, 2013 18:44:26 by ScottSpiffGraber
Using a korg nano kontrol would work great for this. you could patch the faders to the engineering controls and use buttons to increase or decrease the coolant. this would be very cool! MIDI would also be a great way to integrate custom controls as well. check out livid instruments. they make great midi stuff for custom applications.
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TaigiaReilly said Feb 17, 2013 19:08:52
This would be fantastic! I would love to have one these for engineering.
martinvsamuelsson said Feb 18, 2013 10:38:09
Looks great, I'm not to sure about midi, isn't there an existing solution for, I don't know, flight simulators?

found it, it's called X-Plane, link to Teensy page on the subject:

Edit, and of course the Teensy can act as a midi controller aswell:
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