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Torpedo-Tube Firing Arcs

posted Feb 13, 2013 11:37:10 by Billy R

Does anyone out there know how to give the torpedo-tubes a firing arc? I'm trying to bring my artemis experience more in line with all the hours I've spent in STO. So I've found a way to mess with the beam-weapons to my satisfaction. But now I can't seem to give torpedos the appropriate limitations. What I want is to be able to put one torpedo-tube in front and one in back, with a rather narrow firing arc. Is there a way that this can be accomplished?
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MarkBell said Feb 13, 2013 13:27:55
At the moment, no. Torpedoes launch and home in on their target, regardless of relative position. Also, there's only 2 shield arcs, front and back, so the side arcs from STO aren't represented either.
Mike_Substelny said Feb 13, 2013 16:07:23
Firing arcs don't make sense for guided weapons like Artemis's torpedoes. Since the introduction of the gyroscope in the late 1890s "wet navy" torpedoes don't have firing arcs; the crew simply programs the direction to the target, launches the weapon in whatever direction the torpedo tube is facing, and the torpedo's internal guidance turns it on the pre-selected heading. Of course a wet navy ship would seldom fire a forward torpedo tube at a target bearing aft because the ship could easily be hit by its own torpedo. This can't happen in Artemis.

In Artemis the mines do have a (very narrow) firing arc.
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MarkBell said Feb 13, 2013 16:18:44
What I'd really like to be able to do is have the torpedoes launch from the appropriate tube location in the xml. I can't say how many times I've tried tweaking the tube location for the torpedos to inevitably launch straight up from the center of the ship before homing in. I'd love to have torpedoes launch forward or aftward as appropriate from their model location before homing in.
RussJudge said Feb 13, 2013 17:13:23
LOL--yeah, nothing like shooting a torpedo straight ahead at an enemy directly behind, and have the torpedo turn around and hit YOU!
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IanKing said Feb 14, 2013 00:18:03
So could an optional difficulty setting involve having to program a torpedo to a relative direction before it locks on? Would be quite cool to be able to set a nuke on an intercept course from halfway across the sector. Also, the possibility of the enemies doing the same. Nothing like the drama of racing to intercept a torpedo barrage before it reaches a station.
Billy R said Feb 14, 2013 06:24:17
I must admit I'm a bit baffled by the idea of hitting yourself with a torpedo. If you are aiming at an enemy behind, you would most certainly not be using the forward launcher to do it. Even if you do, I'd be of the opinion that it was your own fault. And while I can't speak to the real-life experience of the "wet navy", I can say that all the subsims I've played do indeed have something of a firing arc. Even with the guidance system, it would be inadvisable to use a forward torpedo to try and hit a ship at close distance exactly on your left. But that's just my experience.
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