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List of completed Missions??

posted Feb 10, 2013 00:30:01 by JordanFarmer
Hey guys we're playing Artemis tonight with a full crew and I need some decent missions for keeping everyone active. I downloaded Havoc in the Hamak but I am struggling to find other downloadable missions. Is there no sticky list of them or anything???? Any other suggestion for our game tonight??? I really want to impress, most are new and a lot of spouses and what not going to be around too. Help!
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TimReiff said Feb 10, 2013 00:48:04
There are a bunch at

I don't think there's one perfect list anywhere, but you can certainly get a bunch there.
Charlie said Feb 10, 2013 03:56:15
Current missions from Chas:

A Clockwork Torgoth
Belly of the Beast
Kralien Pass
Plan 10 from Outer Space
Something Torgoth This Way Comes
Wayward Son

Competitive Mission Pack/ a basic setup for novice teams
EricMallory said Feb 13, 2013 20:01:41
I'd like a list too. Sortable by which ones are confirmed to work with particular versions of Artemis. It bugs me to download a mission, run it, and have it crash 1/2 way through because it doesn't work with 1.7.
RussJudge said Feb 13, 2013 21:25:12
@EricMallory: A list like that is easier said than done. The problem is that every mission, other than the three included with Artemis, is written by a fan of Artemis, not by Thom, the Artemis creator. So any list is dependent on someone maintaining it--someone who does it for free. The best we have as far as a centralized repository of the list of missions include:
and a random search through this forum.

Since version 1.7 of Artemis has only been available for one month, determining whether or not the mission will work with 1.7 is going to be dependent on the author of the mission and/or anyone who tries the mission out and is kind enough to report problems with the mission.
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TravisHead said Feb 16, 2013 14:44:24
Check this out;
(Junkyard Hero is a nice change of pace, Party Crashers is hard!)

My personal missions to date:

-Encounter at Farpoint (based on Star Trek TNG's first episode)

Modified for Mark's Star Trek Mod;

-Deep Space Rescue (no feedback as of yet)

Mike also has a bunch here;
Not sure what ones have been tested with 1.7 but last I heard 'Havoc in the Hamak Sector' was not. Otherwise I would recommend that one.

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