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The Mission Studio

posted Feb 08, 2013 13:26:21 by RussJudge
As the big part of the update to version 3.0 of Artemis Mod Loader, I've added the Mission Studio. This is a tool for editing missions, but goes down a different path than the Artemis Mission Editor took. I've still got some serious enhancements to make to it, but I'd like to start getting feedback on it.

You can download Artemis Mod Loader to check out the Mission Studio here.
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lucas99801 said Feb 10, 2013 03:03:27
I like being able to edit XML directly, however the abilities included in the Mission editor make the entire process much faster. It would be neat if you could merge the two applications. One suggestion I have is a map-editor that runs in the same window. I believe using a tool like the Mission Editor that will allow users to view the auto-populated XML as events are created would help increase user knowledge of the entire scripting process. Interface suggestion for the combination:

|Menu Menu Menus                                   |
|              |                |                  |
|              |                |    MAP Editor    |
|     M.E.     |                |                  |
|   Interface  |       XML      |                  |
|              |                |                  |
|              |                |                  |
|              |                |------------------|
|              |                |   Other Tools?   |
|              |                |  validate, copy, |
|              |                |  templates, etc. |
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RussJudge said Feb 11, 2013 13:36:36
Clickity..clackity...clickity...clackity...still working...many enhancements already underway...clickity...clackity...just wait....Clickity..clackity...clickity...clackity...
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