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Still don't know how to...........

posted Feb 04, 2013 21:57:57 by jtmarcure
Way back at version 1.5 I got Artemis for a party I was having and it turned out to be a big hit. A while after that I had some people over and we played again. During both times we were clueless about one aspect of the game. Not being football fans, we had an Artemis party rather than the traditional Super-Bowl type party. We all felt that the newest version 1.7 was great but we still ran into that nagging little problem we had during our first plays.
The issue that my crew is to dumb to figure out.
During play there are ships that request us to bring some sort of supplies to them or take something from them in exchange for some type of reward. We can't figure out how to do that. We get near the requesting ship but don't know what to do at that point. We were unable to find Comm options to let the ship know we were there, request docking or transfer of supplies. What are we missing? How do we do this part of the game? I read through the Wiki docs and a lot of the forum but have been unable to find the answer to this problem.

Other thoughts.
We were using a first version iPad for the Engineering station and the guy running that station loved it. All other stations had laptops except for the server which was in a different room and being remotely controlled via my Nook tablet. One laptop was connected up to the large screen TV as the main viewer and Captain's screen. Which the Captain really liked. The only disadvantage to this was that we didn't get the music.
We all thought that the Jump Drive should have a better FX other than just blanking the screen. Yeah, we know it seems to make sense but it's a scifi game and we wanted scifi effects.
The other thing has been mentioned in other threads. We felt that Comms should have control over the main viewer just to take a little load off of Helm during combat.

Other than our little problem mentioned above, we once again had a great time and look forward to playing again.

Well done!
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EricMallory said Feb 04, 2013 23:00:53
Get within 600 of the ship you need to rendezvous with. The Comms station will get a notification that the transfer was complete and you can head to your 2nd destination, or you get the benefit of the mission. I don't remember if you have to actually doc with DSes, but that's how it works for Transports and Destroyers.
jtmarcure said Feb 05, 2013 00:49:39
Thanks for the quick answer. I didn't notice any Comm message but that doesn't mean it wasn't there. I will make sure to look for it next time.
MarkBell said Feb 06, 2013 15:48:46
You do have to dock with the stations for the bonus to take effect.
lucas99801 said Feb 18, 2013 16:38:28
The guys above got it covered 100%. If the first target is a ship, get within 600m of the ship, if it's a Station you have to dock.

When the requests are completed Comms will get a message.

Example Scenario:
Sub-mission start
"DS3: Artemis, gather supplies from Tr37 and return to DS3 and we will double our production speed."
Artemis < 600m from Tr37: "Tr37: Artemis, return the supplies to DS3 and they will double their productions speed."
Artemis docks with DS3: "DS3: Thank you Artemis, doubling our production speed as promised."
End sub-mission.

Side note relating to Comms:
If the Captain gives a damn about the Transports and Destroyers Comms should stay plenty busy during any mission rerouting those vessels. But in general scenarios (Siege, Single Front, etc.) Comms does have plenty of play room.
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