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Level 10; Total Victory

posted Feb 03, 2013 01:40:33 by xavierwise.tsn
Difficulty: 10
Sector: Barren
Invasion Mode: Siege
Vessel: Battleship - Crew of 6

With multiple hostile ships closing rapidly from all sides, the Science Officer began scanning enemies posing the greatest threat. An elite was the first to make a move, accelerating toward DS4. We warped to them as they began their attack run. Engaging with Primary Beams and Homing torpedoes, frequency was set and the Elite was dispatched. There was no respite however, as another Elite moved in to range of DS2. Warping to defend DS2, we had to destroy or disable the enemy as quickly as possible as more Elites were closing on the other stations. A large enemy fleet, consisting of Kralien heavy vessels was threatening DS4 and so were out our next target. Firing an ECM and Nuclear salvo, the majority of the fleet was destroyed or disabled. We moved in to finish of the remaining vessel.

The mission continued, seeing us manoeuvring rapidly around the sector to defend the other stations. DS3 was attacked and reduced to 20% shields, only just holding out long enough for us to come and engage the enemy. Two enemy Elites had engaged it whilst we had been defending DS1 toward the top of the sector. Energy dropped to perilously low levels on two occasions, requiring homing torpedoes to be used as emergency energy reserves. With so many enemies getting close to the starbases before we had time to engage them, ECM and nuclear torpedoes could not be used, and we were forced to engage enemies with Primary Beams and Homing torpedoes.

The final fleet was huge, consisting of 8 - 10 heavy vessels and including two Arvoninan light carriers. It was closing on DS4, from a direction of approximately 240 and was at a range of around 9000. We moved at warp 3 to get to DS4 and docked to replenish our supplies. As we docked, the carrier launched their fighters, two squadrons began bearing down on our position. Store replenished and Energy levels at 800, we undocked and turn on a course perpendicular to the enemy fleets position. The fighters continued to head towards us. As they closed the distance, we turned to face directly away, bearing 025 and launched a single mine. Tactical began reloading 1ECM and 1 Nuke in to the tubes as Helm turned to engage the remaining fighters. Quickly dispatching them, helm continued on a course of 183 to engage the massive enemy fleet. At range 4000, the ECM/Nuke salvo was fired, disabling multiple enemy vessels. Maximum power was diverted to the tubes and another ECM/Nuke Salvo was loaded. At range 3000 the salvo was fired again with devastating effect. The final enemies either surrendered or were destroyed.

The mission was a complete success. It has been our finest hour and each officer performed admirably, fulfilling their role to maximum effect.

The Comms Officer was invaluable. 20+ enemies surrendered during the mission, taking them out of the fight within minutes of sustaining damage.

The Tactical Officer performed admirably. Targets were continually changing in order to cause maximum damage. As soon as an enemy has surrendered, the target switched away from them.
Helms followed orders precisely. I ordered a bearing and helm put us on it. Without the precise manoeuvring, the tactics used to destroy enemy fighter would never have worked.

The Science Officer kept reporting. Ensuring I was informed of enemy’s location and fleets posing the greatest threat meant that I never overlooked something. Scans of target vessels were completed efficiently and information of fleet composition was relayed to me quickly. Finally, frequencies were given ensuring the tactical officer could set weapons for maximum effect.

Finally the Engineering Officer... he did his job. Information on shield and energy levels was continually updated and when someone needed something, they got it; when tactical needed to get something loaded quick, engineering made sure he had the power to tubes; when helm was turning to engage, manoeuvring was peaked.

All in all, each member of the bridge crew performed to perfection.

Enemies Destroyed: 120+
Enemies Surrendered: 20+
Starbases survived: 4
Total time: 35 minutes
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SagiGush said Feb 03, 2013 02:20:18
Best engineer is the one you barely notice, and completely trust in.
Was an honour to serve under you, cap'n
TaigiaReilly said Feb 03, 2013 04:34:10
This is the type of mission I hope to report from my crew one day.
xavierwise.tsn said Feb 03, 2013 11:47:32
The Engineer was at his best. I recall several occasions when I said "divert more power to torpedoes" and the response I got was, "already done". When I demanded power to forward shields the response was "captain systems are beginning to overheat, I can't give you much more.", to which I said "give it all you've got, prioritise torpedo tubes and get those forward shields up." What did the Engineer do? He said "Yes, Captain" and moments later, tubes were loaded and shields were recharging. I don't think we once took damage from overheating. And I knew he was doing his job because I could see and feel the effect; tubes were loaded quicker, shields recharged quicker, we turned within moments, beams fired faster. When you play often enough, you can tell when the Engineer has given you extra power.
EricMallory said Feb 03, 2013 16:12:52
Wow! No starbase losses and on a barren sector. Very impressive. We still rely heavily on sector features especially on harder levels. Congratulations to you and your crew.
AbdullahDerin said Feb 03, 2013 18:09:06
actually, we kinda found it easy during the mission :D we were joking, speaking randomly. but at some preccise point everything became serious and everybody did their jobs. Yeah it was amazing, it shows that we are specialized on our consoles and becoming a qualified officers :D
simon.hibbs said Feb 04, 2013 12:47:58
I'm no expert, but every time I think about tinkering with energy distribution I fear that there's easily as much to lose as there is to gain. I'm sure an ace Engineer can double the efficiency of a vessel, but I think a ham fisted or even just inexperienced one could halve it just as easily.
SagiGush said Feb 04, 2013 14:23:05
Hehe, then you have much to learn. I have actually played all stations and sttled on this because there is no quiet moment and the difference you can make is huge. Its all about being precise and reading the situation. You have to switch between power diverts like crazy in battle, while keeping an eye that nothing goes overheated. Its hearing everything everyone says and reacting to it, make every manoeuvring rapid from start to end, peaking torpedo levels as the weapons load, and cooling down the systems later while still functioning with the others. You never just "set" powers systems to "x" and wait... you always, always touch your screen and change sutff. every bit of a second.
xavierwise.tsn said Feb 04, 2013 16:56:14
You are quite right Sagi. Getting it right is almost instinctive. I use everything I can to help me if I ever play as engineer, from keeping track of what is happened by watching a sector map (captain's map) to listening to other officers and the captain's orders. To be a good engineer take practise and experience. There are tools to help though, using Preset values does help, but you should never just select a preset and leave it. You must always been taking levels up and down. I may select the Combat Mode preset, that gives e al the minimum values for combat, but I often add power to systems that we need depending on what the ship is doing at that moment in time.

I use a few general rules and guidelines.
1. In combat, energy efficiency I second to ship performance.
2. I stick to minimum and maximum values as a rule, e.g. if we are in a normal running mode i.e. moving around the sector and no immediate threats, all systems will be 50% or above.
3. In combat no system will go below 75%, and manoeuvre and impulse will not be set to anything less than 100%.
4. If we need to recharge, or a system is not needed, then the lowest I will set it to is 20%.

There are a lot of other things that I do too in order to make my energy management effective and adding to the ship, rather than putting us at a disadvantage. Much of what I do comes from experience, discussing and exchanging ideas and experimenting. Check out the Engineer's Handbook for more information, speak to other players and experiment.
SagiGush said Feb 04, 2013 18:17:28
I have preset for every situation, but that too is being tweaked while the situation develops. So I might preset a ship for combat or long range distance travel in order to have a solid base to rely on, and meanwhile tweak it alot to make maximum efficency.
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