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Pilots chair

posted Feb 01, 2013 23:36:41 by IanKing
Hello people,

was watching the Andromeda TV series the other day and it occurred to me that the slipstream chair would make a great addition to any pilot console. I'm thinking a joystick on the right armrest and a striped down keyboard on the left for the hot keys. Since I want to minimize the number of unbound keys i thought one of the USB number pads you see for laptops would be ideal. Does anybody know if the key mapping in the game could be changed to accommodate? So far I've only be able to get enough people/computers together to play twice, so consider me a beginner.
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Charlie said Feb 12, 2013 02:10:22
Awesome setup.

+1 of awesome

You got it goin on! Nice job!
BasilPaulMcKeon said Feb 25, 2013 23:49:28
Looks like a great setup you have there, I'm jealous! I'll be hosting my first "real" game in about a month, so far all my games have been over a local network and no one is in the same room. We plan on having 4 players with the main output on a 60" screen. The other computers will have at most 2 monitors. I find it necessary for the helmsman to have a science screen for themselves. It looks like in one photo you have weapons as well as helm. Do you play both at once?
Cassidy1 said Mar 07, 2013 21:00:50
Hey! I also have an x52 hooked up to my system. Did yall find a way to get around the "more impulse, less impulse" thing? Its driving me crazy haha. If anyone is willing to share their joystick profile or controller config that would be great.
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