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Black hole for the win!!!

posted Jan 31, 2013 01:57:50 by TaigiaReilly
This is a post being made halfway through a meet up. Our first mission was a continue of a past shake down. Everything was set to easy. The crew did a commendable job and the shake down of the positions were effective.

The second mission is was a great deal more eventful. Our Comm officer was able to get a destroyer to attack an enemy vessel. As the two ships fought they flew close to a black hole. Comm got the destroyer to turn around and then the enemy vessel were too close and drifted into the black hole.
The other two ships we shot down in a normal fashion.

The last trio of ships we rearmed to fight and moved out to fight but then they changed course and flew into a singularity... again. This is when we watched the main viewer, drinking drinks and snacking on ships until as a crew we burst into cheers and laughter as our oponents decided that being crushed was a far better fate then fighting our mighty ship.

Will post more when it happens.
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TaigiaReilly said Jan 31, 2013 03:16:16
Another mission, another enemy fail. On the latest mission the infamous space monster, that we named "Carl", destroyed a fleet of five krallien ship, three dreadnoughts, two cruisers. After Carl half our problems, a fleet of three unknown ships flew into a minefield and an astroid field. We also have several mines also were sucked into a black hole. We were laughing very hard. ^_^
TaigiaReilly said Jan 31, 2013 10:24:32
The final mission of the night was one to remember not for anything awe inspiring but because of the bloodlust of the captain of that voyage(we took turns).
All the enemy ships gathered into fleets rather quickly so the captain's answer to all the problems was just to nuke it. Even when our tubes ran dry he still wanted more nuking. But because of the enemy formation this proved to be the right way to go and it is hard to argue with results.

One of the nights biggest hits, besides the gameplay, was the chili and rice I made fresh for the crew. The other officers don't have much money and I didn't want to buy the two large pizzas plus crazy bread that would be needed to feed such a manly crew. It has been decided that as a way of keeping better track of everything that someone will keep the minutes of each mission after the mission is completed.

ThomRobertson said Feb 01, 2013 22:34:34
Yeah, back when I was a young and poor student, I also would make chili for all my friends and invite them over. Good times!
Creator of Artemis
TaigiaReilly said Feb 02, 2013 02:20:07
Glad that you approve, Thom.
simon.hibbs said Feb 04, 2013 10:22:02
> the captain's answer to all the problems was just to nuke it.

I played Artemis for the first time with my kids over the weekend, both girls aged 8 and 9. My eldest is shaping up to be a very competent helmswoman. My youngest was weapons officer and aside from accidentally unloading the missile tubes instead of firing them a few times did fine. There was that time she accidentally fired a nuke for no apparent reason, but somehow it managed to lock on to an enemy vessel at extreme range and vaporised it, so it worked out OK in the end.

As you say, it's hard to argue with results!

Simon Hibbs
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