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Artemis Event at COASTCON Biloxi MS. March 16

posted Jan 31, 2013 22:45:57 by AshleyNathanielReese
I will be running an artemis event at coastcon. I invite anyone in the general area to come out and join us.
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StephenKlauk said Feb 15, 2013 01:21:27
Hey, this is one of the things I'm planning to play at Coastcon.

What sort of set-up will there be? One ship or multiple ships, six stations? Laptops? Desktops?

Will this be mission-based or just "come in and have fun" sort of thing?

...And most of all, if I bring my rigs, can I connect to your setup for increased mayhem (2 laptops & an iPad)? :)
AshleyNathanielReese said Feb 15, 2013 05:18:42
yes, please bring your rigs. We will run some select "stable" missions. But the ultimate goal is to have multiship coop. We should have a desktop, 5 laptops, a couple IOS devices, maybe even a couple droid devices if the client is released by then. I wanted participation and interest and most recent build of Artemis to guide the format of the event. Lets join forces to defeat the Kralien Hegemony!
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