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Does Artemis Require a Video Card?

posted Jan 29, 2013 16:54:07 by RoyAnderson
Quick question: does artemis need a video card? Or can it run off of onboard motherboard graphics just fine?

The motherboard in question is this one: AMD 890GX which has ATI Radeon HD 4290 as onboard video.

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CaptainZach said Jan 29, 2013 18:10:48
That sort of depends on the motherboard, but it looks like that card supports at least Pixel Shader 2.0, so it will run the game.

If there's any question as to whether it will work, download the demo and see for yourself. I wouldn't expect onboard video to run the game as fast, so if this is for the main screen you may want to consider a better video card. Player consoles should run with no problems.
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RoyAnderson said Jan 29, 2013 18:17:49
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I would just test it with the demo (I actually own the full game though) it's just that I don't have the motherboard yet. Lol. I'm putting together a new budget PC build and trying to see how necessary a video card was for Artemis (I'm trying to keep it cheap).
MarkBell said Jan 29, 2013 20:41:55
Also, if you find that for some reason it doesn't (although I don't see why it wouldn't) there are some options that might be able to work around hardware limitations, especially for player consoles.
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