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2 Bridges - Invasion or Elite Coop?

posted Jan 28, 2013 23:26:49 by WillUrban
Hey guys! So tomorrow night we are planning a 12+ people, 2 bridge Artemis dinner and game party. Should be a hoot! I have the server plugged into one tv and Artemis will be controlled by 5 seperate iPads (the Captain gets to shout out orders) and in the next room another tv set to Intrepid's main monitor will be connected to the tv and the Intrepid crew will be using iPads in that room. I can't wait and this is going to be a hoot. I've been trying various options for playing trying to figure out the best way to play with this group. So there is the "elite coop" mode and then three types of siege mode. Elite Co-Op looks like it has ways to adjust the enemy but no timer where Siege has the options of difficulty but not speed and set a timer for 30 mins. They all seem to be similar.

I looked through the guide but really can't tell what the differences are. If I do Invasion with siege what makes that different than the elite for random setup of ships? Is two front just making it so the enemies come from different sides of the map?

Our goal is to run a variety of missions throughout the night but I was just trying to get a better understanding between elite coop, siege, single front, double front.


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xavierwise.tsn said Jan 29, 2013 20:15:01
In Elite Coop mode, if one of your ships dies it respawns, but so do all the enemies. I don't think destroyed allied Stations respawn though; if they are destroyed, tough, you have to battle on without them. Also, the enemies abilities are increased by the percentage set in the options. Your enemies can be made to be heavy hitting juggernauts if you set the percentages high, with small and medium vessels potentially on par with a single Light Cruiser or Scout. In essence, I don't think you can get away with going it alone and attacking enemy fleets independently in Elite Coop. You have to coordinate together to attack each enemy fleet, providing mutual support and making sure you fall back should you begin to lose a particular engagement. You'd have to utilise tactics such as firing waves of torpedoes, or having a combination of different vessels working together, like a missile cruiser working as long range support for a battleship.

In Invasion mode Siege, Single Front and Double front are the set ups for the sector. They determine which side of the sector enemies are attacking you from. I believe siege is any and all sides, double front is two sides (e.g. top and left) and single is just attacking from a single direction (e.g. from the left). I am not sure on the set up for the Elite Coop mode, but I assume that it will be similar to a double front or siege invasion.
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