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Green Artemis crew in Austin

posted Jan 24, 2013 23:23:30 by TaigiaReilly
This was the shake down crew of the ESF ____. We tried to name our ship, at least I did at helm, but it kept making the server/captains software crash. This would set the tone for the whole night. We decided to do mission three on difficulty 3.

With a bevy of snacks around us we took our shiny new starship out into the heavens to see what we could find, then shoot the shit out of it. Our first encounter was a success. It was a smaller enemy craft, I was too busy flying the ship to find out its designation, but after a few torpedos and some fire from our direct energy weapons they were nothing more then a bad memory.
After this the Captain suggested that we travel to the nearest space station for resupply. Carrying out my orders I flew the ship to the best of my ability with less then five minutes experience. After missing the station completely I flew us into a minefield and we exploded.

After reminding the groaning crew that the manual even said that the crewman with the ability to destroy the ship the fastest was the helmsman, our Engineer decided to disprove that by red lining the warp engines and taking out all the coolent. We soon exploded, again.
Our next untimely demise came at the hands of our weapons station. He was told to fire all tubes without realizing one was loaded with a nuke. The range to the target was less then 100. We were killed instantly.

Finally, after a good laugh we started to be serious about out mission. We had DS3 perfectly defended but we forgot about the other three stations and they were destroyed. We thought we were going good, all things considered, until the ships of the enemy fleet gathered into three super groups. We did what we could to defeat them. Even going so far as to ram them at warp two with tubes filled with mines. Still not sure how we survived that. But in the end we hit one of our own mines trying to escape a trio of missiles that seemed to follow us forever.

The lessons we learned will stick with us for sometime, first and more importantly of all: Don't shake down a brand new crew on a difficulty higher then 1.
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JSpaced said Jan 25, 2013 10:40:00
Ha! Brilliant. That sounds very much like our first experiences. Did you kind of go: Oh yeah, should've thought of that.
"We should give him the send-off he deserves. He died saving us all. Prepare a Rocket-Shed for immediate launch."
TaigiaReilly said Jan 25, 2013 19:53:52
Eyep. We thought that several times. I'm looking forward to downloading a script for the helm that lets you input a heading instead of turning the ship manually. Part of me doesn't want to give up the drivers seat due to my experience but the other part is eager to play the other postitons.
Charlie said Jan 26, 2013 06:47:18
After missing the station completely I flew us into a minefield

we hit one of our own mines

It's great when you learn to keep the ship safe.

tried to name our ship, at least I did at helm, but it kept making the server/captains software crash

This is a current bug.

Sound like your crew will catch right on.

Capt FutileChas

TaigiaReilly said Jan 27, 2013 07:51:55
Thanks Charlie. We are playing again on Wednesday and even though I'm going to see about playing a different station I know we'll do better.
Captain said Jan 30, 2013 22:52:16
Love that initial shakedown. I have done it 3 times no and it never gets old. Running to mines seems to be a common problem though. Our first 5 or so missions ended like that. Sounds like your crew caught on pretty fast though. Good luck on your next mission.
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TaigiaReilly said Jan 31, 2013 10:38:17
It is a common problem. If you read my latest after action report you'll see that it was the enemies problem this time.
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